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'Dark and Light' Launches May 30th

by Rainier on May 10, 2006 @ 5:09 a.m. PDT

Dark and Light publisher Farlan Entertainment said today it has rescheduled the game’s official release for May 30th, 2006. Dark and Light will be available for download four days earlier, on May 26th, 2006, at 1pm UTC.

According to C├ęsar Jacquet, manager of NPCube, “As the April 2006 release date got closer, we realized we were not satisfied with the balancing and debugging, so the development team decided to postpone the release until the best conditions” were in place.

The balancing tests performed on Dark and Light led the company to refine the player’s progression rules. Thus, evolution will follow three axes: Craft Axis, Combat Axis, Social Axis. This will give a full dimension to the social axis, and avoid confusion between social and craft. Players will begin life in Dark and Light, progress according to their craft and combat abilities, and continue forward on the social axis as soon as they initiate a collective action within Dark and Light.

With the game’s enhanced conquest system, Fortress will have to be taken and managed, thanks to the social investment required, and strength will depend, among others, on resources extracted from the domain farms. There is strong interdependence between farmers and fortress leaders. In addition, Mana (the energy required to activate spells) and Stamina (general energy) energy diffusion will influence Ganareth inhabitants.

Farlan announced two game modes to start playing Dark and Light: play with a monthly subscription or play without subscription, thanks to the Game Credits account. In appreciation for their patience during the delay, the Dark and Light team is offering Pioneer subscribers – who have already received one free month and 15 game credit – a second month free, and 15 more credits. Griffon players have received one free month and 15 game credits.

The fact that so many thousands of individuals are willing to log on to the game site,, and complete the detailed online application, only shows the massive level of interest in the upcoming game.

Dark and Light pits the forces of light and darkness against each other in the fictional land of Ganareth. The game, which plays out on a seamless playing surface 40,000 square kilometers (15,000 square miles) in size, is the largest game landscape of its kind ever created. Dark and Light also boasts an advanced game engine, Mafate 2.0, a product of developer NP Cube that enables the game to evolve according to player’s real-time decisions and strategies.

“The advance interest of our fans continues to amaze us. Having such a huge test base for DnL not only gives us an incredible developmental resource, but also keeps us personally energized to make Dark and Light the very best online game it can be,” said Frederic Caille, CEO of Farlan Entertainment.

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