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'Alliance Future Combat' Goes Gold

by Rainier on May 31, 2006 @ 1:37 p.m. PDT

Strategy First announced today that Gameyus Interactive's RTS Alliance Future Combat has officially gone gold, and is due to hit stores in North America June 12, 2006.

"This exciting new relationship permits us to introduce an entirely new level of strategy game play to the North American marketplace," said Pro Sotos, Manager of Business Development at Strategy First. "You are immersed in a real-war experience without the need of tedious resource management, and the voice control option allows you to react immediately to changing circumstances."

Uros Rogulja, Chief Operating Officer of Gameyus, said: "We're very happy to be working with Strategy First to bring Alliance Future Combat to North American strategy fans. Strategy First, like us, always focuses on innovative strategy titles that provide gamers with a new and challenging experience. We believe "Alliance" will satisfy even the most demanding strategy fans, and we say that because everybody in our team is an avid gamer as well. We invite all fans to let us know what they think of Alliance, and to send us their suggestions for our future titles."

The year is 2008. The area between Iran, Afghanistan, India and China has become the Democratic Republic of North Dzambystan (DRND). To get financial aid from the United States the DRND¹s government allowed the US military to build a top-secret subterranean base. The DRND¹s government is unaware that the heavily fortified base is in fact a research center for genetic engineering on soldiers, and a testing lab for next-generation weaponry.


  • 20 action-packed combat missions full of intense tactical challenges and two interlinked campaigns putting the world's finest soldiers against the threat of global terrorism.
  • Over 70 different choices of units that include special purpose personnel; snipers, medics, and engineers.
  • The most detailed and realistic vehicles ever seen in a strategy game, chosen from among proven classics used in armed forces around the globe, alongside the newest in ground-breaking real-world military hardware.
  • Voice Control with natural language support
  • Near-future technological development, such as robotic vehicles and armed unmanned aircraft
  • Night and day missions with realistic weather conditions
  • No resource gathering, construction work or bean counting-just real-time action and strategy!

Alliance Future Combat is rated T for Teen, and will be available in stores across North America June 12, 2006 at a retail price of $19.99.

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