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Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 4, Xbox, Xbox One
Genre: Action/Adventure
Publisher: Majesco
Developer: Double Fine Productions

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Double Fine Wants 'Psychonauts' on the Xbox 360

by Rainier on June 14, 2006 @ 6:24 p.m. PDT

Psychonauts follows the story of a young psychic named Razputin in his quest to join an elite group of international psychic secret agents, the Psychonauts!
When Peter Moore revealed a new BC was in the works many gamers hoped for Double Fines' most awesome Psychonauts to be amongst the lucky 20. Alas Big Mutha Truckers beat it to the punch so now Tim Schafer is calling upon the community to email Microsoft demanding them to make one of 2005's best selling titles work on the Xbox 360. Tim even offered Microsoft to fly his engineer and programmers to their offices to help with the conversion, but was turned down saying "Believe us, we have top men working on it now."
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