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Championship Manager 2006

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Management
Publisher: Eidos
Developer: Beautiful Game Studios

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'Championship Manager 2006' - International Management Patch #2 Available NOW

by Rainier on June 22, 2006 @ 2:11 p.m. PDT

The all-new Championship Manager 2006 offers a wide range of innovative new features and is the most realistic version to date, offering the player a true taste of football management.

Get the Championship Manager 2006 Patch #2 off WP (65mb)

New Additions

- Opinions on players available for international duty.
- New GUI look
- New sidebar navigation system
- In-game help for team selection, tactics and sidebar
- Ability to pick team from the tactics screen
- New player tool tip displaying key information including age, position, form
- Updated data for players, staff and competitions
- Added Dutch playoff system
- More realistic manager hiring and firing
- Can now save and load player search filters
- World rankings screen added

Major improvements

- Match Engine
- Less throw-ins
- Better GK (now much better from long range)
- Less red cards
- Better runs and passing
- More varied goals
- New player model graphics
- Offside given when a player receives a throw-in
- Corner goals
- Defender booting ball out for corners
- Wingers far more effective with better skills and crossing
- Passing is more expansive and the game is spread out more
- Less careless clearances
- Better off the ball runs
- Improved dribbling
- Offside rule overhauled
- Ball is now re-spotted by players
- Improved penalty taking
- Improved player acceleration


- Contracts always vetoed when wages is set to 'Pay Monthly'
- Improved Veto on contract renewals
- Club now less likely to see players without cover
- Players on exchange not getting work permits
- Newly bought players not appearing in squad
- Transfer work around fixed
- Player exchanges when one player refuses to move
- Game crash when a player is awaiting the end of his trial to move club and get a work permit
- Duplicate transfer message


- Can no longer change the status of loaned-in players
- Early history entries in player profiles have been fixed
- News screen refreshes while user is viewing it
- Various crash bugs fixed


- Getting stuck after receiving board rejection message is fixed
- Players can only play a single match per day
- Game crash when joining a team about to get relegated to a non-playable league
- Forest green data
- English, French and Italian league cup fixes
- Scheduling improvements
- Improved world cup draws
- World cup build up international friendly's
- Text improvements and errors fixed

Plus many more fixes...

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