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Night Watch

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Role-Playing
Publisher: Noviy Disk
Developer: Nival Interactive

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'Night Watch' - Updated Demo Available NOW

by Rainier on June 27, 2006 @ 12:49 p.m. PDT

Join the Night Watch and step out to protect the case of Light using all your magic power! Get ready to step into thrilling magic battles in two parallel realities - in real locations of modern Moscow and in the Dusk, the Other layer of reality filled with magic. As you gain experience your power will grow - and you will choose a type of Other you want to be out of three, Shapeshifter, Enchanter and Mage, each of them having its own special spells and abilities. Magic battles in reality and in the Dusk and twisted plot with unexpected turns will make your service in the Night Watch an unforgettable adventure and a captivating challenge.

Get the Nightwatch English demo off WP (458mb)

1. Description

Night Watch demo version includes:
• Three playable missions
• Demonstration of the base gameplay including the base features
• Three playable classes
• All spells for first five levels
• Sixteen enemies of the three main classes including the boss at the end

2. System requirements


- OS: Windows 2000/XP, DirectX 9.0c
- CPU: 1 GHz Pentium III / Athlon
- RAM 256 Mb
- Video: 64 Ìá GeForce 3 / Radeon 8500
- Hard drive: 2 Gb free disk space


- OS: Windows 2000/XP, DirectX 9.0c
- CPU 2 Ghz Pentium 4 / Athlon
- RAM: 512 Ìá or higher
- Video: 128 Ìá GeForce FX/Radeon 9700
- sound: Dolby Surround 5.1
- Hard: 2 Gb free disk space

3. Installation

DirectX 9.0c must be installed.

Run NW_demo.exe and follow the installation wizard's prompts.
By default, the demo will be installed into [C:Program FilesNival InteractiveNight Watch].
Upon installation you can run game either from windows start menu or [NWatch.exe] from the demo installation directory.

4. controls and hot keys


'ESC' - cancellation
'ENTER/Y' - confirmation
'CTRL' + 'C','RCTRL' + 'Q' - exit
'PAUSE' - pause
'SYSRQ' - screenshot

Camera control

'PG_UP/DOWN' - zoom/unzoom
'UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT' - move camera
'Mouse+Right Button' - rotate camera


'F5' - quick saving
'F8' - quick loading
'F6' - save menu
'F7' - load menu
'F10' - game menu
'O' - objectives

Gameplay controls

'SPACE' - next unit
'TAB' - next member of party
'SHIFT' + 'TAB' - previous member of party
'HOME' - align
'ENTER' - start combat modeend of turn
'NUM_PLUS' - next floor
'NUM_MINUS' - previous floor
'I'/'Â' - open inventory
'C' - show character properties
'S' - show character ability list
'F1-F4' - quick character selection
'T' - enter the twilight
'N' - next target

5. Known issues

- Dialogue voices have not been applied yet
- Acknowledgements are not final

6. Mission descriptions

Mission 1. The Contract
Team: Hero, Olga
NPC: Girl
Opposition: Dark Ones
Location: Building Roof

The camera (view through optical sight with crosshairs) moves over the windows of an ordinary Moscow five-story residential building. Early morning, winter; most of the windows are dark. The one the optical sight is looking at now lights up. The camera zooms in on it. Through the crosshairs we see a girl coming into the room. The girl comes to the window and touches it with her forehead. A pause, then the phone starts ringing. The guy (the hero, he's the one holding the rifle) puts the phone to his ear. We hear a nice female voice: "Hello, hello? Is this Sergey Vasilyevich?" "Wrong number", says the hero and puts the phone away.

The hero with the rifle is on the building roof. A dark figure appears behind his back. A dialogue follows. The newcomer demands the hero must carry out the contract. The hero refuses, saying he overestimated himself - he cannot kill a human being after all. The Dark person says if the hero fails to deliver after having received his fee, he'll be destroyed. The hero refuses. The Dark person points a weapon at the hero and suggests he thinks it over one last time.

Olga appears, and starts talking. She says this preparation for initiation is against the Treaty: the hero is potentially a Light one and belongs to the Night Watch. The hero demands she explains, but there's no time for that: the girl and the Dark person start fighting each other. Olga wins. "We must get out of here", she says to the hero. "Just do exactly as I say, OK?" She and the hero with the rifle (in this short mission the hero will be using a firearm) will have to get out of the building encountering a few more enemies on the way.

Olga tells the hero what they must do to get away, and also him about the Night and Day Watches, the Dusk and the Treaty. It turns out our the hero is a potential Light Other, whom the Dark ones decided to recruit for themselves in violation of the Treaty. Learning Curve: after they deal with the enemies, Olga introduces the hero to magic and shows him the basic spells. Then she sends him to the Night Watch headquarters. In the metro the hero is supposed to meet another Other girl who'll take him to Geser.

Mission 2. Madman
Team: Hero, Vera
NPC: Policemen, Inquisitor, Granny
Opposition: Major, Train driver, Alice
Location: Metro station

The train the hero is on stops at the Polezhayevskaya station. Police appear, and block one of the cars. The hero feels something is wrong and starts his own investigation. A Vampire (a high-ranking cop in his spare time) tries to stop him. In the end the hero and Vera (the Other girl who was supposed to meet him; she comes to the metro station by herself) will have to fight with the Dark one. The latter was illegally affecting people inducing them to come over to the side of Darkness (demoralisation). An unusual procedure was used for this, involving modern communication gear (intercom in the metro train allowing to talk with the train driver). At the height of the battle the Inquisitor appears (a former Dark one); he stops the fighting and begins investigation.

During the investigation it turns out the train driver is a madman: he behaves inadequately, murmurs all sorts of nonsense and eventually jumps under a passing train. Inquisitor says it was the first known case of madness and suicide among Others, ever. Then Inquisitor announces his ruling: the Dark ones are guilty, the Light ones have the right to healing and re-moralisation of the damaged, - and leaves.

The heroes arrive to the Night Watch headquarters where the hero meets Geser. The latter reacts to the news about the incident in the metro rather strangely ("So he knows"), but refuses to clarify. He only says these events - the metro episode and the fact the Dark ones have tried to recruit an uninitiated Light one in violation of the Treaty - are connected. They are evidence of yet another intrigue by Zavulon, but it's not yet clear what he's up to this time. Geser is sure the Dark ones are plotting something, so the Light ones must be ready for everything. The hero goes through Initiation Rite and becomes a soldier of the Night Watch. Geser believes that now, after Svetlana has left the Watch, they need reinforcements more than ever before.

After the Rite is completed Geser sends the hero and Vera to help Tiger Cub: she's on a NW mission in Izmailovsky park.

Note: it should be mentioned that Vera was initiated by Ilya (a character in the book and the movie, played by Gosha Kutsenko). He was suspended from active duty after the failure of the Svetlana operation.

Note: after the initiation the hero acquires ability to step into the Dusk.

Mission 3. The Team
Team: Hero, Vera, Tiger Cub
NPC: Girl
Opposition: Werewolves
Location: Park

The hero and Vera meet Tiger Cub in Izmailovsky park: according to Tiger Cub, a strange Dusk fluctuation was noted there. Tiger Cub is going to take a look around the park, and the hero and Vera will accompany her.

The search is interrupted by the appearance of the Girl they already know: the one the hero was "contracted" by the Dark ones to kill. The girl runs to them begging for protection: somebody was chasing her.

And soon we see who it was: a pack of Werewolves going after the girl. It turns out they don't have a licence, so they were hunting illegally. The Light ones want to arrest them but the Werewolves start fighting. The girl runs away, the hero steps into the Dusk to cover her and sees she's an uninitiated Other, and a Light one at that.

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