Platform(s): PC
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Developer: Lockpick Entertainment

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New 'Dreamlords' Race Revealed - Screens

by Rainier on June 28, 2006 @ 1:46 a.m. PDT

Dreamlords is a Massive Multiplayer Online Real Time Strategy game currently in development by Lockpick Entertainment. Dreamlords is a persistent world in which victories and hard work will not pass unnoticed. Everything gained will make the player stronger for the next encounter.

The shattered world is not enough for two warring factions...

Introducing the third unique race, bent on controlling their world. The Covenant is an army race based on their holy scripture the Empyrean Doctrine, it encapsulates both their traditional moral values and their ability for war and tactics. They resemble humans in stature, but basking in the dreamers attention has made them strong beyond their form.

To defeat the towering enemies that have invaded the land, the Covenant have donned sets of armour and constructed weapons great enough to injure even the beastlike Thûl. Unlike the other two races, Nihilim and Thûl, the Covenant centers on its faith and the abilities it yields. Spurred on by the summoned spirits of fallen heroes the soldiers of the Covenant fight with a fanatical loyalty and can command holy magic on the battlefield.

Join us, and make the beastly Thûl and insidious Nihilim tremble before the grand armies of the Covenant.

Dreamlords is a new online experience. Control your patria, an island floating in space. Use the armies of Nihilim, Thûl and the Covenant to destroy your enemies and ultimately gain the dreamers attention.

Do you dare assume the role of a Dreamlord?

In Dreamlords, players assume the role of a Dreamlord in the control of a patria. A patria is a chunk of land floating in the universe with its own population and various natural resources. The patria is the base of operations. This is where everything starts; the population lives here, which enables a player to create an army and construct buildings. As the patria grows, more choices must be made. Player skills are required to focus a strategy, be it might through force, cunning, alliances or some other means. Everything is allowed in the war for existence.

Managing your patria will be done using the online management interface, which can be accessed from anywhere via the Internet and any supported browser. How well you manage the patria will directly influence how mighty your armies become. Fighting victorious battles and resolving events successfully will strengthen your army, in addition to research granting superior armor and weapons.

There are always several tasks, such as fighting off monsters that are harassing the population, demonic summonings, and fighting the Reasonists. Other unacceptable disturbances also need to be dealt with. Leaving such events unresolved will have a negative effect on the patria. Although a player may continue without completing an event, completion will keep the patria in good order, and that in turn, gives the player an advantage. Often times resolving events will have passive benefits such as gnosis and other goodies.

A huge part of Dreamlords is PvP combat and our focus is that the battle be loads of fun. The PvP battles are accessed through a lobby in the game client. The lobby is a matchmaker that pits players of similar strengths against each other.

The Lobby enables a player to engage in compelling combat with a few clicks of the mouse and still enjoy all the benefits of the hard work previously put into the game. Since the game is persistent all new units and upgrades are still availiable for the next match (unless they were destroyed).

Player vs Player combat will be very rewarding and it is one of the main ways of getting the main resource in the game, gnosis.

Dreamlords is a progression through time and new technologies and units can only be aquired after a certain minimum amount of time. However players can greatly influence how new things become available to them. Like many strategy games, players gain strength by having more and stronger units. There are several ways players can achieve this. Skill and dedication will greatly affect how strong players are at a given time in the game. Players can harden their units on the battlefield, quest for specific equipment, or focus hard on researching what they need.

Progression in Dreamlords is also significally different depending on which race the player chooses to play. Some might be centered on solving special racial events that lead to new things and others might rely on research and efficiency.

The most basic way of progression is in doing. Being an active dream lord, making active choices, having goals, resolving events, and battling against other players will be beneficial.

Features :

  • Unlike ordinary strategy games, every victory, valuable item, long sought after technology, and even your units will stay with you. Including those matches against human opponents. Everything stays with you for the duration of the round, and your persona develops traits which are kept permanently.
  • After working hard with managing your lands and armies feel the reward when you load the PvP Lobby and realize you have become significantly stronger.
  • Resolve the events on your patria and your population will prosper, soldiers get hardened and the dreamer will notice you, making you more powerful
  • Acquire special rewards such as wondrous items or new knowledge after completing epic quests.
  • The RTS gameplay is unique and specially designed to provide interesting strategic choices while being intense and exciting. Everything geared to provide the perfect RTS experience.
  • Play with and against real people, help your friends and sabotage for your enemies.
  • Enter the management interface from any computer with Internet access.

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