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'World Tour Golf' (PSP/PS2/Xbox/PC) - 44 New Screens

by Rainier on June 28, 2006 @ 8:49 a.m. PDT

World Tour Golf is destined to capture the player's imagination by fusing the features of real-world golf, high-end graphics, accurate animation and a unique control system. Oxygen Interactive announced that it has added Sergio Garcia and Justin Rose to the World Tour Golf's line-up of international golfing talent.

World Tour Golf will raise players' expectations of what a sport game can be. As well as featuring internationally-known players and courses, the game features a groundbreaking new control system. This will afford the player the same level control over the swing enjoyed by golfing professionals in real life. As a result, real-world golfing aptitude will transfer into to videogame form more intuitively that has been possible previously without alienating the more casual sport game fan.

"We wanted to provide as much of a simulation of the golf swing as we could without making the game as tough as the real sport," explained Struan Robertson, associate producer at developer Gusto Games. "Professional golfers have a huge variety of shots available, not just shots they choose from a menu before they play them. We've made the analogue swing even more analogue."

As well as playing like the real thing, World Tour Golf will look like the real thing. Gusto are hard at work combining high-end graphics with camera work inspired by the way golf is filmed for television, immersing the player in the experience.

Another key area where World Tour Golf breaks the mould is in user-created content. "We want to allow gamers to customise their experience, said Robertson. "As far back as Doom you can see that customisation extends the life of a game, and the community created by that takes a game to another level completely."

As well as offering the single and multiplayer modes gamers expect, World Tour Golf will offer a comprehensive Career mode. Will you be able to guide your golfer from a enthusiastic rookie on the local circuit to the number one earner on the Pro Tour?

"This is the game golfing aficionados have been crying out for," said Oxygen Interactive CEO Jim Scott. "They can transfer their real-life skills to the virtual links, and gamers will revel in the control and possibilities offered by our swing system. We'll be talking about the game's USPs in greater detail soon, as well as making formal announcements about licensing."

World Tour Golf is due for release in summer 2006 on PlayStation 2, Xbox, PC and PSP.

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