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Secret Files: Tunguska

Platform(s): Nintendo DS, Nintendo Switch, PC, Wii
Genre: Adventure
Publisher: Koch Media / DreamCatcher

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'Secret Files: Tunguska' - English Demo Available NOW

by Rainier on Sept. 2, 2006 @ 5:54 p.m. PDT

Secret Files: Tunguska is a point-and-click adventure game based on the mysterious Tunguska phenomenon that occurred in July 1908, in which the Siberian region of Tunguska was engulfed in an inferno of flames that turned everything into debris and ashes.

Get the Secret Files : Tunguska English Demo off WP (570mb)

1. Minimum requirements

- Windows 2000/XP
- Pentium® II with 500 MHz
- 128 MB RAM
- DirectX® 9 compatible AGP graphic card with at least 16 MB VRAM
- DVD-ROM drive
- 2 GB free hard disk space
- Mouse
- Optional: DirectX® 9 compatible 16 bit sound card

2. Game Controls

2.1 Mouse

The game is controlled almost exclusively using the mouse.

If you hold the game cursor above an object in the scene, it will display the possible interaction options. Mouse keys that permit an action will be displayed in green. A second displayed icon will show you which actions you can perform.

- Hand: interaction/pick up/combine/talk

- Eye: examine

- Double arrow: skip

- Round arrow: put current object back into the inventory

In order to move the characters in the scene, left-click with the mouse on the location you want the character to move to. As soon as the location is accessible the character will run there.

By double-clicking on the doors and travel tools (Nina’s motorcycle) you can immediately jump to another room.

2.2 Inventory

The Inventory takes up the most room in the bottom icon bar. As soon as objects are in the inventory, the relevant objects will be displayed here. If the Inventory contains so many objects than they cannot be displayed at the same time, simply scroll through the Inventory using the gold arrow to view all the objects.

The control buttons for the game are located to the right of the Inventory:

- Computer: Opens the game menu. You can save or load games, call up the options menu (and change the game options) or exit the game here.

- Diary: The Diary tells you which level of the game you are in at the moment and summarizes all the important events. This not only makes it easy to reenter the game, sometimes you will also find important clues here, so you should regularly read the new entries.

- Magnifying glass: The Game Help displays all the possible objects you can examine and people with whom you can interact. They will be indicated using a magnifying glass symbol. Exits are indicated using arrows.

The Game Help can also be activated by pressing the space bar – if you haven’t deactivated the Game Help in the main menu.

3. Troubleshooting

If you experience any problems with the graphics, you should first make sure that you are using the latest driver for your graphics card. If you encounter other technical problems while playing Secret Files: Tunguska, you should try to change the graphic settings using the configuration program contained in the Autostart menu.


High color resolution: Optimal color quality for the best quality.

Lower color resolution: Suitable for older computer systems.

Anti-aliasing: You can choose the quality of the anti-aliasing here if your graphic card can handle anti-aliasing.


Full screen: Indicates whether the game should run in full screen mode or window mode. If you are running in window mode, you should make sure you select the same color depth as the color depth of your desktop in order to ensure optimal performance.

V-Sync: Synchronizes the frame output to your monitor’s current refresh rate. This setting could negatively affect how the game looks. If your mouse cursor responds sluggishly or if a character moves somewhat jerkily, you should deactivate V-Sync. If the picture flickers you may be able to correct this problem, which is commonly seen in systems that have the NForce2 chip set, by activating V-Sync.

Refresh rate: You can manually adjust the refresh rate of your monitor here. This setting only applies to full screen mode. If you are not sure if your monitor supports the indicated settings, you should stick with the default setting. A higher refresh rate increases the number of displays per second, which reduces the flickering on your monitor. Incidentally, this applies to CRT monitors and not most TFT monitors, which have a predefined refresh rate.


Software cursor: The software cursor provides the highest possible compatibility to all systems. If the software cursor is deactivated, the hardware cursor of DirectX® or your graphics card manufacturer will be used. This can cause problems in some systems – especially in combination with anti-aliasing. The software cursor responds visibly slower than the hardware cursor on some systems.

Max. frames per second: Indicates the maximum number of frames per second that should be displayed. This may affect the run time of the battery in laptops.


Standard button: Returns all the values back to the default settings, which offers the highest possible compatibility on all systems.

4. Support

The game is published by DEEP SILVER, a division of Koch Media.

Should you experience any problems regarding this product, please go to the support section. Here you will be able to browse through our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) where the most common problems are identified.

If you cannot find what you are looking for in the FAQ section, then please find contact details below or call the following numbers:

Koch Media Ltd.
Technical Support
The Bullpens
Manor Court
Herriard - Hampshire - RG25 2PH

Technical Support Hotline 0906 732 9005
(calls are charged at 1.00 GBP per minute)
Available: Mon - Fr 11am - 7pm. Weekends and Public Holidays 11am - 5pm

Tips & Tricks hotline 0906 906 0015
(calls charged at 1.50 GBP per minute)
Available: Mon - Sun 9am - 12pm

Secret Files: Tunguska on the internet

Be sure to visit our Web site, where you will not only find a lot of great downloads and information about Secret Files: Tunguska, you can also discuss the game with other gamers in the forum or look for possible solutions to technical and game-related problems.

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