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Lighthouse and Nobilis Expand Co-Publishing Agreement

by Rainier on Jan. 29, 2007 @ 8:58 a.m. PST

Nobilis Group and Lighthouse Interactive have been working together for some time on distributing French versions of the Lighthouse catalogue in the Benelux. Now they have jointly announced that they will extend their co-operation, so that Nobilis Benelux will now also distribute, PR and market the English and/or Dutch versions of Lighthouse games in the Benelux.

“We’re very pleased that we will now also distribute the Lighthouse titles in Flandria and The Netherlands. Not only will it create more clarity for our customers but it will create more possibilities on PR and marketing as well”, says Yves Leemans, Marketing Manager at Nobilis Benelux.

“With this move Nobilis now is our distribution partner in the axis Spain, France, Belgium and The Netherlands, so it should be obvious we’re very pleased with the co-operation. We’re looking forward to be backed up by Nobilis in improving our marketposition in The Netherlands”, says Erik Schreuder, CEO of Lighthouse Interactive.

Upcoming releases by Lighthouse and Nobilis in The Benelux are the adventure games of Delaware St. John (volume 1 to 3), the shooter Warpath and the strategy game SunAge (All for PC).

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