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'JAZZ: Hired Guns' - 11 New Screens

by Rainier on Jan. 29, 2007 @ 5:52 p.m. PST

JAZZ: Hired Guns is a classic turn-based tactical strategy with strong RPG elements, and fully destroyable environment. It offers well known mechanics and atmosphere of the original games, as well as the pleasure of meeting good old friends - A.I.M. mercenaries.

An African continent has never been a hospitable place. Impassible jungle, wild aboriginals, half-anarchic states, where military upheavals and civil conflicts have become something common, an explosive mixture of the brute and Kalashnikov guns. It's the place where gather all the mercenary detachments, ready to dismember even the Evil One for a penny. Soldiers who obey you must calm crazy and noisy aggressors down. And then, according to a deep tradition, they should play jazz at the funerals of a willful dictator.

The advances are transferred, sir. You're to decide.

Once it was a sequel of a famous series, but it turned out that this time it's a brand new game, with its own heroes, its plot and numerous new features:

  • Free movements of a detachment across the global map.
  • Several active groups who can choose friends, as every detachment owns specific bonuses!
  • More than 150 types of weapon with a extended system of upgrades.
  • An opportunity to upgrade sectors both on the economic and military plane.
  • An advanced system of dialogues.
  • A totally non-linear plot with several options to end the game.
  • An opportunity to conquer sectors with the help of diplomacy and special offers!
  • An opportunity to destroy everything and everybody! You can pull down any house, uproot any bush, fell all the trees!

It's not the complete list of the advantages! The game has more!

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