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'Frater' - v1.4 Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on Jan. 31, 2007 @ 9:17 a.m. PST

Frater is a 3D hack'n slash from Rebelmind, set in the 19th century, where you play Frater Simon sent on a mission by the monasteries to free God's Envoy, taken hostage by a mighty Alchemist Marcus.

Get the Frater v1.4 Patch off WP (10mb)

The powerful Sorcerer Marcus Dominus Ingens became immortal after unravelling the mystery of the Philosopher’s Stone. His pride and hunger for power made him eliminate all alchemists who's skills and knowledge equaled his. Now he keeps their souls in Golden Tanks and uses them for his evil purposes and controling infernal forces. Whole armies of demons and devils are at his command. In order to take control over the world, however, he'd have to destroy the God’s Envoy, who resides at the Equilibrium Place -- the eternal throne -- to which every 200 years comes the being who has the great power of doing good. The God’s Envoy is deep meditative state and cannot directly intervene in the situation on Earth.

Marcus is aware that he is too weak to destroy the God’s Envoy, so he sets free hordes of infernal monsters in order to harvesr human souls and later keep them in Golden Tanks. Each new soul makes Marcus more powerful, while the God’s Envoy becomes weaker and weaker. And then one day… For many years the Mystery Guards Fraternities have trained Hunters to fight the evil. Hard-bitten, well trained in magic and alchemy, they traversed the world fighting against the powers of darkness. Now, their Fraternities need them back to face the whole army of infernal beasts. The life of God’s Envoy and the world order are at stake.The best of the best Frater Simon, Elena and Tong Wong prepare to save the Earth ready to risk their lives in the fight against Marcus.


At the beginning of the game, Player chooses the Hero he will lead. He can choose between three different Character’s Classes (Heroes). Each class imposes the use of different combat tactic during the gameplay. Player can choose that Hero, who represents player’s favourite tactic of combat. -Hand to Hand – player chooses Chinese Warrior. -Distant – player chooses Huntress. -Fight with the use of supernatural powers (Spells) – player chooses Frater Regardless of his abilities conditioning combat tactic, each hero can: - seize and call Demon - use ”Helpers”: -Golem – a powerful figure animated by magic. It uses its extraordinary strength to protect the hero. It has its own features, which can be developed.

-Neferkar – it’s an ancient weapon – they are flying balls, which protect the hero and help him during the fight using their speed. They have their own features, which can be developed. Hero can seize a few Demons and he can call them separately ar together – one by one – according to his needs. Hero can have two different Helpers, but he can use only one at a time."

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