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Capybara Games Bringing Mobile Phone Games to Consoles

by Rainier on Oct. 10, 2007 @ 4:13 p.m. PDT

Mobile games developer Capybara Games, founded in 2003, announced plans to offer many of its titles on the DS and Wii gaming consoles as well as digital distribution platforms.

As a newly approved Nintendo developer, Capybara is now able to bring their creative talent and innovative products to a larger audience.

“Many of our mobile titles lend themselves to development on console platforms, and we see a lot potential in up-scaling and expanding these properties” said Tom Frencel, President of Capybara Games. “’Critter Crunch’ is a perfect example of this. It's a game that received a great response after its mobile release, and we're really excited about the possibility of bringing it to console gamers as well.”

Capybara has already begun development on a licensed property for the DS with a top tier publisher, which will be officially announced in the coming months, and is currently in discussions with several publishers to begin developing games based on both licensed and original intellectual properties.

“Our design team has been developing some great original concepts that have been on hold up until now, as we didn't feel that mobile was the appropriate platform for them. We're looking forward to seeing these concepts come to fruition.” Mr. Frencel added. “We will continue to maintain our mobile presence and develop strong licensed and original titles as we expand onto the DS, Wii, and digital distribution platforms. We believe that many of our concepts are well suited for these platforms, and we are working hard to get these quality titles into the hands of gamers everywhere.”

With respect to Capybara’s ability to take on these new development challenges, Mr. Frencel commented “Many of our tools that we use on mobile are crossing over to the new platforms quite well. It also helps that we have a very agile group of people here at Capybara, and they have been able to adjust to the new platform requirements very quickly.”

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