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Alien Arena 2007

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action
Publisher: COR Entertainment
Developer: COR Entertainment

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'Alien Arena 2007' - v6.10 Full Install Available NOW

by Rainier on Oct. 14, 2007 @ 3:08 a.m. PDT

ALIEN ARENA 2007 is a standalone 3D first person online deathmatch shooter crafted from the original source code of Quake II and Quake III, released by id Software under the GPL license. With features including 32 bit graphics, new particle engine and effects, light blooms, reflective water, hi resolution textures and skins, hi poly models, stain maps, ALIEN ARENA pushes the envelope of graphical beauty rivaling today’s top games.

Get Alien Arena 2007 v6.10 Full Install off WP (170mb)

It's been a long, grueling time for Alien Arena developers, but version 6.10 is finally here! You in for some major changes, enhancements, and surprises!

How does 7 brand new, gorgeous arenas to play in sound? How about a more balanced and responsive weapon set? Do you like to 1v1? Well we now have a duel mode! The gameplay of Alien Arena was the big focus this release, and you'll see the difference immediately. Weapons now respawn in five seconds rather than twenty. A Q3 style health and ammo system has been implemented, to help prevent weapon camping, as well as a random spawning quad. Last but not least, version 6.10 presents a brand new weapon, the Violator!

The client-side changes are equally as numerous. Input and netcode have been improved, resulting in smooth, fluid gameplay even at 150+ pings. Security holes have been patched, and server stability is perfect. The first thing you'll notice is an all-new GUI, as well as HUD's and text that don't shrink when you increase your resolution. The renderer has been greatly optimized, resulting in a frame rate increase of around 25%. Weapon effects, and other game effects have been upgraded and tweaked. We also have implemented CURL, which now allows for much faster map and other content downloads. The Alien Arena experience is now a finely tuned, highly polished body of work.

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