Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: THQ
Developer: Gas Powered Games

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'Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance' Goes Gold

by Rainier on Oct. 15, 2007 @ 3:58 a.m. PDT

Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance continues the epic story following the Infinite War, featuring an all-new single-player campaign, a new faction and a myriad of innovative multiplayer features. More than one hundred new units will give players access to cutting-edge strategic options, including fully realized navies, orbital weaponry and advanced counter intelligence technologies.

Developed by Chris Taylor and Gas Powered Games, Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance is the next chapter in the critically acclaimed Supreme Commander franchise that set the standard for scope and scale in the RTS genre. The game continues the series’ epic story in an all-new single-player campaign following the Infinite War. In addition, Forged Alliance introduces the mysterious Seraphim faction and includes a myriad of innovative multiplayer features. More than 100 new units will give players access to cutting-edge strategic options, including fully realized navies, orbital weaponry and advanced counter intelligence technologies.

The standalone expansion in the revolutionary Supreme Commander series continues to push the boundaries of scope and scale in the RTS genre, offering a mysterious new alien faction, the Seraphim, an all-new single-player campaign and more than 100 new units to master on the path to galactic domination.

“Supreme Commander delivered scope and scale on a level never before seen in the RTS genre, allowing gamers to live out their dreams of commanding massive armies on a global scale,” said Kevin Kraff, director of global brand management, THQ. “Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance will continue to push those boundaries and deliver more of what fans want.”

"Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance tells the story of the UEF, Cybran and Aeon's desperate alliance as they fight for survival against the Seraphim, a long forgotten alien race that has returned to destroy all of humanity," said Chris Taylor, CEO, Gas Powered Games. "Adding a new faction, and giving the existing factions some crazy powerful new units opens up a wide range of innovative strategic possibilities, taking the single and multiplayer game to a place never seen before in an RTS”.

Cybran Land Units

  • Fire Beetle - Mobile Bomb Must be moved into position and manually detonated. The Brick – Armored Assault Bot. Amphibious assault bot. Capable of attacking land and naval units.
  • Megalith - Amphibious Mega Bot: Massive experimental bot. Equipped with dual proton cannons, AA defenses, torpedo launchers and anti-torpedo flares. Drops "eggs" that can be transformed into a single unit. Cybran Air Units
  • JESTER – LIGHT GUNSHIP: Light gunship. Primary role is base defense. Effective against low-level ground units.
  • WAILER – HEAVY GUNSHIP: Heavy gunship armed with Nanite missiles, Disintegration Pulse lasers and a radar jamming suite. Offers direct fire support.Cybran Naval Units
  • BARRACUDA – SUB KILLER: Mid-level anti-naval unit. Equipped with mobile sonar stealth. Effective against surface vessels and submerged units. CI:18 Mermaid – Counter-Intelligence Boat.
    Unarmed counter-intelligence vessel. Equipped with stealth field that counters enemy sonar and radar. Cybran Defensive Units
  • HARMS – TORPEDO AMBUSHING SYSTEM: Submerged torpedo launcher. Capable of destroying the largest of enemy vessels. Cybran Construction Units
  • HIVE – ENGINEERING STATION: Automatically repairs, reclaims, assists or captures any unit within its operational radius. Cybran Intelligence Units
  • SOOTHSAYER – PERIMETER MONITORING SYSTEM: Offers complete line-of-sight within its operational area.

Developed for Windows PC, Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance is expected to ship to retail outlets nationwide on November 6.

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