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'Outfront 2' - 24 New Screens

by Rainier on Oct. 23, 2007 @ 4:18 p.m. PDT

Outfront 2 starts were Faces of War ended and delivers a lot of improvements, such as the complete rework of the sound environment, new interface, new multiplayer netcode, router support, ranking, overworked lobby and new game modes, as well as some performance tweaks.

Outfront 2 is the follow up to Soldiers: Heroes of World War II, developed by Best Way, featuring a completely unique gameplay compared to any other RTS game out in the market. WW2 again? No, completely new. No base building, no unit producing, no tanks with healthbars instead you will recieve a fully tactical gameplay, the most accurate armor penetration system ever, lethal weapons of 6 playable nations and much more! But the most outstanding feature: Direct control each single unit you have and fight the battle yourself, as a soldier, tank crew or gun commander!

Outfront 2 starts were Soldiers ended, it delivers improved physics which allows you to destroy whole maps on a level of detail you never saw before, the newly developed armor penetration physics calculate the impact angle of every single projectile in accordance to the historic armor value of each vehicle. Every tank has the sound of its original, dropping you in a fully cinematic and authentic sound experience, which hardly can be described. As this wouldn’t be enough, you will enjoy a really useful and unique feature: Direct control! Take over the control of every single soldier you have, or drive tanks and other vehicles, set up ambushes with antitank guns and blow your enemies up with precise and deadly aimed shots at their weak spots!

Feel the adrenaline when an enemy Tiger crosses the roads, or feel the enemies fear when he hears the sound of a deadly German Panther tank, which is driven by you!


  • Fully destructable environment. Get your men into cover of newly formed tank shell craters!
  • Very authentic sound experience with historical accuracy!
  • Unseen physics and armor penetration system.
  • Each mission and battle plays out differently based on your tactical choices!
  • Unseen battle scenarios to keep the WW2 setting fresh.
  • Over 100 highly accurate tanks and vehicles ready to be under your command!
  • Realistic fog of war
  • Smart AI is searching for your men covered in bushes and calls for reinforcements, including a morale system.
  • Excellent modding support and official SDK (Mapeditor, 3dsMax Plugins)!
  • 6 different playable nations!
  • Direct Control! Want it done right? Do it yourself!
  • Up to 16 players via LAN or Network
  • Ingame browser including ranked statistics
  • Cooperative gamemode allows you to play through the campaigns with your friends!
  • NAT support, allows you to host games through routers
  • 4 multiplayer nations
  • Many varying multiplayer maps

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