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Naruto: Rise of a Ninja

Platform(s): Xbox 360
Genre: Action
Publisher: Ubisoft

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'Naruto: Rise of a Ninja' (X360) Developer Q&A

by Rainier on Oct. 26, 2007 @ 1:41 a.m. PDT

Developed exclusively for the X360 from the ground up and for the first time ever, gamers will experience Naruto starting from the series' beginning. Re-live the hit anime and manga and experience Naruto's transformation from noisy ninja-academy dropout to respected ninja.

Q: Is Naruto the only playable character in the story mode?

A: Yes. The developers want you to experience everything just as Naruto did. Hence, you will only play as Naruto, and see everything he’s gone through in the first 80 episodes of the anime through his eyes.

Q: Will there be a sequel covering later episodes of the anime?

A: It would be really cool to see a sequel, however at this time we are concentrating on Naruto: Rise of a Ninja.

Q: Why is Naruto wearing a swimsuit when he performs the Sexy Jutsu? That wasn’t in the anime!

A: In some of the previews that have been released, Naruto is shown wearing a swimsuit when he performs the Sexy Jutsu. This is because he is only activating the first level of the jutsu. As he refines and improves the jutsu, opening up different levels of the Sexy Jutsu, it will get closer to the version shown in the anime.

Q: Which characters will be playable in the game?

A: Naruto: Rise of a Ninja covers the first 80 episodes of the anime. There are lots of characters which you will interact with in Konoha, and the most important are also playable in the multiplayer mode: Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Kakashi, Kiba, Neji, Zabuza, Gaara, Orochimaru, Haku and Rock Lee. And we still have some surprises for you to come…

Q: Will there be a demo?

A: There will be no demo for Naruto: Rise of a Ninja. The game is about to be released on (insert local date) and we are confident you will love its great amount of action, adventure, RPG, fight and fun.

Q: Will they be some special downloadable content on the market place?

A: In addition with the upcoming downloadable characters, you can download from now on the Naruto Theme for your Xbox360 and also a pack of gamer pictures. The Naruto Theme includes four different pictures for 150 points. The pack is composed of pictures of the Team 7 members (Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Kakashi) and is available for 80 points.

Q: Can you explain how the jutsu are performed in the fighting mode?

A: Performing a jutsu requires the player to hold down the left trigger, press two combinations with the two thumbsticks, followed by releasing the left trigger at the proper time to execute the right power level of the jutsu. In the instructions below, the following format is used:

Character Name (Power Rating out of 5, Speed Rating out of 5, Range Rating out of 5)
Jutsu Name - First Left Thumbstick Position + First Right Thumbstick Position, Second Left Thumbstick Position + Second Right Thumbstick Position.

Naruto (2, 3, 3)
Sexy Jutsu – Down + Down, Left + Right
Shadow Clone – Up + Up, Left + Right
Chakra Concentration – Right + Left, Up + Up

Sasuke (2, 3, 2)
Fire Ball Jutsu – Right + Left, Down + Down
Chidori – Left + Right, Right + Left
Sharingan – Down + Down, Left + Right

Sakura (1, 4, 3)
Palm Healing – Down + Down, Left + Right
Chakra Concentration – Right + Left, Up + Up

Kakashi (4, 3, 4)
Lightning Blade – Left + Right, Right + Left
Sharingan – Down + Down, Left + Right

Kiba (3, 2, 3)
Fang over Fang – Right + Left, Down + Down
Chakra Concentration – Right + Left, Up + Up

Neji (3, 4, 1)
6 Trigrams 60 Palms – Up + Up, Down + Down
Chakra Concentration – Right + Left, Up + Up

Rock Lee (4,4,3)
Eight Inner Gates – Down + Down, Left + Right

Haku (1,4,2)
Crystal Ice Mirrors – Right + Left, Down + Down
Chakra Concentration – Right + Left, Up + Up

Zabuza (4, 2, 3)
Water Dragon – Right + Left, Down + Down
Chakra Concentration – Right + Left, Up + Up

Orochimaru (5, 2, 2)
Striking Shadow Snake – Up + Up, Down + Down
Genjutsu – Down + Down, Left + Right

Gaara (1, 1, 4)
Sand Burial – Up + Up, Left + Right
Armor of Sand – Down + Down, Left + Right

Q: Will it be possible to improve the character’s abilities?

A: Yes, during the game you can acquire different magical scrolls that have special effects, when you equip them. The Scrolls of the Red category always have one major function, to serve it’s wearer in combat. They are the attack oriented scrolls. The Scrolls of the Purple category are mainly use to keep you alive in a battle. They focus more on protection and defensive attributes. The Scrolls of the Green category are there as support, granting you abilities or boosting existing abilities. They focus more on special effects applied to you or your opponent

Red Scrolls

  • Strength: Used mostly by front line soldiers, the strength scroll considerably augments the user’s natural force, resulting in a constant Taijutsu damage upgrade
  • Fury: When pure anger and consumes you, the fury scrolls is what you need. This scroll boosts your inner strength while in rage, adding more damage to your attacks only when in that state.
  • Rage duration: Losing ourselves to total raging frenzy can be useful in the world of the ninjas. This scroll helps out here since it gives you the ability to maintain your rage state longer than usual.
  • Weapon damage: Don’t want to get your hands dirty? It’s fine, this scroll will boost up the overall damage output done by weapons you use against your opponent. Your kunai will hit harder then they used to, so you can finish your opponent easily from a distance
  • Mastery: Masters rely on precision. By landing one blow in a whole combo, if this blow is well placed, it can turn the side of battle. This scroll does that by augmenting only the damage done on the killer moves you land on your opponent. Killer moves are unblockable attacks, the ace in your sleeve

Purple Scrolls

  • Protection: Used mostly by front line blockers, the protection scroll considerably augments the user’s natural armor, resulting in a lot of overall damage reduction caused by taijutsu attacks.
  • Chakra Sponge: Ninja relying mostly on their ninjutsu will hit a wall when confronted by an opponent with this scroll. While equipped, this scroll will considerably decrease the chakra regeneration rate of your opponent, limiting their overall jutsu usage.
  • Resistance: Being able to suppress the pain, even for only one attack, can be a lifesaver depending on the situation. This scroll does just that. It will reduces the damage you take from each killer blow the opponent lands on you
  • Defense: While in a rage, enemies lose themselves and can become more predictable. This scroll helps you to see into their attack pattern while they are in a rage. Basically, it lowers the overall damage you would take from attacks made against you while your opponent is in rage.
  • Windfall: Imbued with some wind chakra, the windfall scroll will push back the range weapons thrown at you, making their impact less damaging then they normally would be.
  • Peace: This scroll helps bring serenity to others. While equipped, it will lower the frustration others take from fighting, decreasing the rate at which an opponent can enter the rage state.

Green Scrolls

  • Inner Strength: This scroll focuses your thoughts so much, that it overcomes any pain done to you. It will slowly regenerate your stamina during combat so you can fight longer
  • Chakra Shield: Inspired by the Hyuga clan, this scroll will help you focus your chakra around you body so it can shield you from some damage. Equipping this scroll will let your chakra absorb some damage instead of you health for each attack
  • Luck: Everyone accepts luck when they cross another’s path. This scroll permits you to automatically block and substitute on an enemy attack, even if you were not prepared for it.
  • Health Leech: Your blows damage the enemy, but this scroll helps you heal yourself while doing so. With this scroll equipped, every blow you land on your opponent will generate back some health to you.
  • Chakra Leech: Tapping into the soul of the opponent, this scroll gives your attacks the ability to generate chakra after each blow you land
  • Focus: An ancient text. The wisdom found in it will give you the benefit of an accelerated chakra regeneration rate, giving you more opportunity to use your jutsu

Q: What kind of weapons will be available in the game?

A: Weapons in Rise of a Ninja are mostly range weapons to surprise your enemy from far away. Their force and qualities diverse from one to another, just like their cost. They can be found at the weapon shop in Konoha.

  • Kunai: Of all the throw weapons used by the Ninjas, this one is the most basic. Used by the Ninjas of Konoha, it inflicts low damage on opponents.
  • Enhanced Kunai: Only a skilled blacksmith can make those. This kunai has been forged with rare chakra steel and it inflicts moderate damage on opponents.
  • Imbued Kunai: Forged with chakra and chakra steel, this kunai is rare and very expensive, but one of the most efficient. It will inflict a lot of damage on opponents.
  • Explosive Kunai: This normal kunai is tricked with an explosive scroll attached to it. The scroll will detonate when the kunai impacts. This weapon deals big damage to opponents.
  • Enhanced Explosive Kunai: Kunai made of chakra steel and then rigged with two explosive scrolls. It is sure to leave a mark on the opponent as the scrolls will detonate on impact for heavy damage.
  • Imbued Explosive Kunai: Three explosive scrolls attached to an imbued kunai is ruthless. This weapon does extreme damage to opponents, if it does not leave only ashes behind.

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