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'FinnWars 2' Announced

by Rainier on Nov. 20, 2007 @ 4:47 a.m. PST

Creators of the FinnWars Battlefield modifications have founded their own game development company, Iceflake Studios and are currently working on FinnWars 2, an action packed multiplayer experience that concentrates on the battles between Finland and Soviet Union in Eastern Front during WW2.

Our purpose is not only to make great games, but also get players familiarized to exciting historical worlds and events that game themes provide. At the moment studio is developing games only for PC. Company founders are the core members of the original modification team. Studio CEO Mikko Aliranta, Programming lead Tapani Valkonen, Graphics and Design lead Lasse Liljedahl.

The first project of the company is a standalone sequel to FinnWars, an action packed multiplayer experience that concentrates to wars fought between Finland and Soviet Union during World War 2.

FinnWars 2 is developed for the PC using Iceflake's own next generation Mammoth game engine. The game is loyal to history, and contains a large history section, that not only clarify the facts and events that are shown in the game, but also tells events that occured between Finland and Soviet Union during The Second World War in a comprehensive way. The game does not content to be only a remake of the first FinnWars, but presents a number of advancements and a completely new game system.

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