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Tuesday, November 20, 2007 Shipping Announcements

by Rainier on Nov. 20, 2007 @ 5:22 a.m. PST

Code Lyoko: Quest For Infinity (Wii)

Based on the new season of the popular animated action-adventure TV series, Code Lyoko: Quest For Infinity for Nintendo Wii combines high-tech gadgetry and adrenaline-packed missions in an innovative blend of adventure, combat, platform and space shooting gameplay. Code Lyoko was developed by Neko Entertainment, is rated E10+ and has a suggested retail price of $39.99.


  • Characters Weapons & Activities: Arm Ulrich, Odd, Yumi and Aelita: The Wii Remote and Nunchuk controllers are used for a variety of game activities featuring the Code Lyoko characters Ulrich, Odd, Yumi and Aelita- from flying to projectile-weapon aiming. The game features incredibly precise aiming control using the Wii Remote controller. Use the controllers for sword swings, defense shield and throwing metallic fans throwing.
  • Exciting Adventure: Players can virtualize into battle against hordes of evil creatures and wield weapons and shields with the Wii Remote and Nunchuk controllers, then take on massive bosses that must be seen to be believed.
  • Brain & Power : Many puzzles stand between our heroes, Lyoko and the fulfillment of their quest, so players must sharpen their wits as they hunt for the annihilation of the evil super virus X.A.N.A.
  • Explore the digital sea and fight your enemies aboard the Skid, the Lyoko Warriors' new vehicle created by Jeremy

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Dark Motives (NDS)

In CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Dark Motives, players will join Gil Grissom, Catherine Willows and the rest of the Las Vegas cast to help solve crimes using realistic techniques and lab equipment. Featuring five intricate crimes, players will learn that no crime is ever perfect and that the truth always leaves a trace.


  • Interactive touch screen puts you in the middle of the crime scene.
  • Work with your favorite cast members from the show.
  • Use the latest forensic technology, such as fingerprint dusters and an enhanced microscope.
  • Explore locations taken straight from the show.
  • View video reconstructions of the crimes
  • Unique dual-screen adventure interface gives you critical data above without missing the action below.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Dark Motives for the NDS is rated "T" for Teen and has an MSRP of $29.99. The title is still available in stores for the Xbox 360 and PC; those versions are rated "M" for Mature and have MSRPs of $39.99 and $29.99, respectively.

The Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles (PS3)

This new retail product follows the October release of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Game of the Year Edition (GotY) for PS3, which includes the Shivering Isles expansion. Originally released in March 2006 for Windows and Xbox 360 and in March 2007 for PS3, Oblivion has already earned countless awards from publications around the world and won numerous Game of the Year and RPG of the Year awards.

Oblivion features a powerful combination of free-form gameplay, unprecedented graphics, cutting edge AI, character voices by acting legends Patrick Stewart, Sean Bean, Terrance Stamp, and Lynda Carter, and an award-winning soundtrack. Gamers can choose to unravel Oblivion's epic narrative at their own pace or explore the vast world in search of their own unique challenges.

With more than 30 hours of new gameplay, Shivering Isles allows you to explore an entirely new plane of Oblivion – the realm of Sheogorath, the Daedric Prince of Madness. Shivering Isles features a bizarre landscape split between the two sides – Mania and Dementia –filled with vast, twisting dungeons mirroring the roots of the trees they are buried within. Sheogorath himself looks to you to be his champion and defend his realm and its inhabitants from destruction as you discover all new items, ingredients, spells, and much more.

Shivering Isles, rated M for Mature, for PS3 will also be available for download on the PlayStation Network (North American, English only) beginning Nov. 29th.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings (NDS)

"We are extremely excited to see Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings make its debut in North America," said Director Motomu Toriyama. "We adjusted the overall difficulty level of the game for the North American market and introduced a new dungeon and a new boss from Final Fantasy XII. We believe that the US consumers will find the changes very challenging and entertaining."

Featuring full Touch Screen functionality, Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings allows players to control massive armies, unleash special moves and activate Gambits, all with the use of the stylus. The world of Ivalice comes alive through the respected musical stylings of Hitoshi Sakimoto and the direction of Motomu Toriyama, the director of Final Fantasy X-2 and the upcoming Final Fantasy XIII.

One year after the events of Final Fantasy XII, the young protagonist Vaan travels the skies of Ivalice with his trusted navigator Penelo at his side. Their treasure hunting adventures take them to the sky continent of Lemures where they meet Llyud, a member of the aegyl race. These mysterious winged people have been living on the floating continent for centuries, but a disturbance has allowed treasure-seeking sky pirates to breach their once-hidden territory. It falls to Vaan and his band of young sky pirates to stand up against the trespassers, and defend this extraordinary world and its people.

Features :

  • Experience the next installment in the Ivalice Alliance, a series of titles set in the same fantastical game world as Final Fantasy XII and Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions
  • Stunning CG movies make full use of the Nintendo DS hardware -- lavishly rendered sequences are displayed across both screens, giving users a new way of experiencing cinematic cutscenes
  • Intuitive Touch Screen functionality allows players to command, plan and execute attacks with ease -- control massive armies, unleash special attacks and activate Gambits with the use of the stylus-driven interface
  • The Ring of Pacts enables users to pick and choose from over 50 familiar summons such as cactuars and chocobos
  • Reunite with the beloved characters of Final Fantasy XII, faithfully translated to the NDS

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings, rated E10+ (Everyone 10 and older), will be available at retailers for a suggested retail price of $39.99.

Geometry Wars (NDS/Wii)

Geometry Wars: Galaxies delivers an all-new single player campaign where players can tackle waves of enemies, including 10 never seen before, all of which act and react in a frenetic way across more than 60 unique levels. Geometry Wars: Galaxies introduces the all new Battle Drone that follows the player's request to defend and attack or collect geoms which is used to increase multiplier scores, buy new planets or behaviors for the Battle Drone.

For the first time ever, the Geometry Wars video game will let players battle in a variety of planets in an all new multiplayer mode. Those that own both the Wii and Nintendo DS games can link the games together using Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection to unlock bonus levels for both versions. Players will also be able to make their mark on the universe by posting high scores on the Wii and Nintendo DS online leader boards.

"Geometry Wars: Galaxies is a perfect complement to any video game collection this holiday season," said Pascal Brochier, president, Global Retail for Vivendi Games. "Fans of the franchise will be excited to see that we have added more than 60 times the amount of gameplay, introduced multiplayer, added Wi-Fi and provided a number of new features giving the gamer a complete gaming experience for home or on the road."

The controls for the game have been optimized for the Wii and DS systems, allowing gamers to use the Wii Remote and Nunchuk controller. In addition Geometry Wars: Galaxies offers compatibility with the Nintendo Classic Controller. Geometry Wars: Galaxies also includes the full version of Bizarre Creations' Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved.

Geometry Wars: Galaxies is available on the Wii for $39.99 and the Nintendo DS for $29.99, with both games getting an ESRB rating of "E" for Everyone.

Ghost in the Sheet (PC)

Ghost in the Sheet is a point'n'click adventure game based upon a highly original story about a ghost who finds out that the Afterlife is not nearly as fun or relaxing as it sounds. Having met your new and rather unpleasant astral boss, you embark on an adventure to an abandoned factory with the goal of finding out what happened there. This dark and winding factory called "Sector Omega" is filled with other undead with whom you can talk and gather details as you slowly come upon the ultimate truth as to why "Sector Omega" fell into an abandoned darkness...

Features :

  • High resolution graphics with detailed animations to immerse the player
  • Gripping storyline garnished with black comedy 'afterlife' style
  • A RPG-like skill learning system – as the player progresses through the game, he learns new paranormal skills which are vital for future adventures
  • Skills range from the conventional paranormal Telekinesis to obscure skills like Scary Sound
  • Nonlinear gameplay that allows the player to freely roam the factory while solving a variety of puzzles in any order
  • No dying, mazes, slider puzzles, or timed sequences that can needlessly frustrate

Ghost in the Sheet is available at GameStop, Circuit City, MicroCenter, Frys, & other fine retailers nationwide.

Ghost Squad (Wii)

With gameplay for up to four players, gamers will traverse three different mission areas, each comprised of multiple difficulty levels, while unlocking 25 high-powered weapons and 14 different costumes. Within each level, a series of selectable alternate routes appear that will provide the player with challenges increasing in difficulty as enemies attack from unexpected places. Weapon selection is varied with choices ranging from machine guns, submachine guns, pistols, sniper rifles, shotguns and even a crossbow. Ghost Squad will feature an Arcade mode, a Training mode, a Party mode for up to four players and two hidden, unlockable modes exclusively designed for the Wii version.

"Ghost Squad presents a classic genre of games to an entirely new generation of players on the Wii," said Rick Naylor, Director of Marketing, SEGA of America, Inc. "Combined with the use of the Wii Zapper, Ghost Squad delivers an unparalleled arcade, light gun gaming experience at home."

Godzilla Unleashed (NDS/PS2)

Godzilla Unleashed provides an environment perfect for stopping this worldwide obliteration with nine urban arenas, interactive 3D cityscapes, huge destructible buildings, soaring skyscrapers and towering alien formations. Featuring an innovative non-linear storyline which allows players to influence how the story unfolds through their choices within battles, and a flexible multiplayer mode which supports up to four players for the ultimate city- crushing monster extravaganza, Godzilla Unleashed is a must-have this holiday season.

"Each platform experience brings something unique to the game," said Keehwan Her, Producer, Atari, Inc. "Whether it's the single-player story mode adventure, 1-4P customizable multiplayer game options, the extensive monster roster or the unique destructible environments, Godzilla Unleashed brings something to the table for everyone this holiday season."

Godzilla Unleashed, rated E10+, is available for the suggested retail price of $49.95; Godzilla Unleashed: Double Smash for NDS is rated E for Everyone and is available for the suggested retail price of $29.95. Godzilla Unleashed will be arriving for the Wii later this holiday season.

Mass Effect (Xbox 360)

"Mass Effect" combines a deep story with intense, sci-fi tactical combat. Through high-definition graphics and an amazingly realistic and innovative conversation system that allows for lifelike interaction with the voices of scores of digital actors such as of Seth Green, Marina Sirtis and Lance Henriksen, "Mass Effect" provides an immersive gameplay experience never seen before in a video game.

Published by Microsoft Games Studios, "Mass Effect" is an epic sci-fi action RPG that places gamers at the center of a conflict that will decide the fate of the universe. Assuming the role of an elite human Spectre agent, Commander Shepard, players are entrusted with keeping galactic law and order and are charged with uncovering a terrifying truth. Faced with morally challenging decisions that will affect the future of all races, players must travel across an expansive universe to stop a threat so great it could destroy all life in the galaxy. With its exciting blend of rich story lines, intense squad-based combat and crisp high-definition gameplay, "Mass Effect" is destined to be one of the most gripping game experiences ever.

"'Mass Effect' is like playing a movie! The magic of video games bridges science fiction, intense combat and intriguing story lines to create an emotional connection between players and their characters," said Jeff Bell, corporate vice president of global marketing for the Interactive Entertainment Business at Microsoft. "The Xbox 360 platform allows developers to create rich and engaging stories not found on any other console. 'Mass Effect' is the latest example of our commitment to bringing original and captivating titles to fans everywhere."

To celebrate the "Mass Effect" worldwide launch, the SCI FI Channel will air a special episode of "Sci vs. Fi: Mass Effect" beginning today, Nov. 20, at 11 p.m. EST and PST. The special will explore the ways that technology and creativity came together to make "Mass Effect" a compelling experience for gamers and science fiction fans alike.

"We set out to redefine the video game experience with 'Mass Effect' and create an immersive, highly interactive game that draws players into a compelling universe," said Ray Muzyka, chief executive officer for BioWare Corp. "'Mass Effect' creates an emotional connection between players and the characters they encounter, and Xbox 360 provided us with the perfect platform to tell this incredible story."

"Mass Effect, rated "M" for Mature, is an Xbox 360 exclusive action RPG, available now for $59.99 (ERP), or $69.99 (ERP) for the special Limited Collector's Edition, which includes a fiction book titled "Galactic Codex: Essentials"; an art book titled "A Future Imagined"; a bonus DVD featuring four exclusive documentaries about the creation of this epic game titled "Inside BioWare"; and 10 songs from the game's soundtrack.

Medal of Honor Airborne (PS3)

Medal of Honor Airborne is the most recent addition to the revered Medal of Honor series, and now PS3 gamers are able to jump into the largest Allied Airborne Operations of WWII and become the hero that suppresses the Axis powers throughout Europe. Using an innovative approach to first-person shooter gaming, every level starts with the player's ability to airdrop into combat from a C-47 airplane and choose where they land on the battlefield. The first step is everything and the player's landing spot can change the course of battle. Conflict on the ground offers strategic choice in vertical, open battle spaces with a wealth of attack routes and flanking opportunities.

In addition to the unique game design, Medal of Honor Airborne delivers an immersive experience of WWII which is complimented by award-winning composer Michael Giacchino who has scored the soundtrack. An esteemed composer for numerous film and TV projects such as "Lost", "Alias," M:i:III (2007), The Incredibles (2004), and most recently Ratatouille (2007), Giacchino has been repeatedly recognized for his contributions to theatrical composition and score. As the original composer and creator of the memorable theme music for the Medal of Honor series, he helped set the bar for using music to bring emotion into gaming. Giacchino's extraordinary talents and musical sensibility contribute once again to bringing a new dimension to the WWII FPS experience of Medal of Honor Airborne.

Already available on Xbox 360 and PC, Medal of Honor Airborne, rated 'T' for Teen by the ESRB, 16+ by PEGI, and 18+ by USK, has a US MSRP of $59.99.

Phantasy Star Universe: Ambition of the Illuminus (PS2/X360/PC)

Whether tackling quests online with a party of up to six adventurers, or fighting through the exciting online new story missions, Phantasy Star Universe: Ambition of the Illuminus enables gamers to experience the wonders of the Gurhal System through the eyes of a personalized avatar. The expansion pack provides an even richer and more varied Phantasy Star gameplay experience.

Since its introduction in 1988, Phantasy Star has revolutionized the RPG genre by creating new standards through innovative gameplay, as well as being the first console RPG to offer an online experience in Phantasy Star Online. This new installment also expands the popular online adventure of its predecessor and continues the quest for peace in the Gurhal System.

Phantasy Star Universe: Ambition of the Illuminus is rated "T" by the ESRB and retails for $39.95 on the PC and the PlayStation 2. The download is available for 1600 Microsoft Points on Xbox LIVE Marketplace for the Xbox 360. Online play requires a subscription.

Rock Band (X360/PS3)

Rock Band is an all-new platform for music fans and gamers to interact with music like never before. The game challenges players to put together a band and tour for fame and fortune -- all while learning to master lead/bass guitar, drums and vocals. Featuring the most master recordings of any music game ever by the world's biggest rock artists, Rock Band includes 58 tracks and spans every genre of rock ranging from alternative and classic rock to heavy metal and punk. With multiple instruments and an impressive selection of online and offline game modes to choose from, with the ability to play as a band or individually, Rock Band offers an infinite number of ways to play each song and live out your ultimate rock and roll fantasies.

In addition to the 58 songs available on the game disc, Harmonix and MTV Games are offering a stellar first line-up of new downloadable content available at launch to satiate the desire for constantly refreshed Rock Band content and enable players to customize their game experience. The robust download calendar includes multi-song packs, full albums and individual tracks from some of rock and roll's biggest artists.

The Rock Band Special Edition Bundle (Xbox 360 and PS3) features a Fender Stratocaster guitar controller, an electronic drum kit, real drum sticks, a microphone and software. The Xbox 360 bundle also comes with a USB hub for easy plug-in access for all instruments. Standalone Rock Band software is also available which supports a variety of 3rd-party instrument peripherals as well as enables owners to share peripherals with those who own the Special Edition bundle.

Rock Band is rated "T" for Teen (lyrics, mild suggestive themes) by the ESRB.

Rock Band is slated for release on the PS2 on December 18, 2007 in North America. Rock Band will ship in Canada on December 17th for X360, PS3 and PS2. Rock Band will ship in Europe for the Xbox 360. PS3and PS2 in the first quarter of 2008.

Time Crisis 4 (PS3)

The world is in danger as a group of international terrorists threaten to unleash a terrible new biological weapon on an unsuspecting populace. In the world's moment of need, it's up to a group of special operatives from around the globe to take up arms and put an end to this doomsday scenario.

Building on the shooting gameplay of the arcade hit, Time Crisis 4 features a comprehensive story mode that combines the series' traditional shooting action with fully interactive FPS stages. In the traditional shooting stages, players take on the role of partners Giorgio Bruno and Evan Bernard as they blast their way through 10 fast-paced, tightly scripted stages. In between these stages, players will experience five FPS stages told through the perspective of Captain William Rush in a parallel storyline. A first in the series, these FPS stages let players move and shoot independently through large environments, controlling their character entirely with the Guncon3. Detailing two unique sides of this international military thriller, the new mission structure provides incredible gameplay variety and pacing as players move between different play styles throughout the game. Two players can play cooperatively through the game's traditional shooting stages as well as more than 15 sharp shooting mini-games. Players can also unlock Crisis Missions, self-contained scenarios with unique objectives and mission parameters, as they play through the game.

Bundled with every copy of Time Crisis 4, the Guncon3 controller sets a new standard in precision, responsiveness and functionality. Featuring six buttons, a trigger, two analog sticks and full motion-sensing capabilities, the unique peripheral lets players aim with confidence, and even move and shoot simultaneously in the game's FPS stages. The Guncon3 is compatible with all modern television displays, including CRT, LCD and Plasma models.

Packaged with the Guncon3 controller, Time Crisis 4 is rated "T" for Teen by the ESRB and carries a suggested retail price of $89.99.

Trauma Center: New Blood (Wii)

At a remote hospital in Alaska, Dr. Markus Vaughn quietly toils, a surgeon who has forsaken the politics and power struggles of his former ward. He is content to use the power he has discovered within himself, the Healing Touch, to positively affect the lives of those in need. His partner is Valerie Blaylock, a promising young doctor eager to unlock her own dormant abilities.

When the facility unexpectedly closes, they are forced to return to Concordia Medical Institute, where politics are more important than patients' lives, and doctors more concerned with image than their ministration. There they are recruited into the government organization Caduceus, where they will learn of a conspiracy with dire ramifications, and their lives will be changed forever!


  • Two Player Cooperative Play! For the first time in the series, work with a friend to race against the clock and save lives ... success will require teamwork and communication – Every second counts!
  • All-New Story, Characters, and Surgeries! Depend on a brand new medical team for support and advice as you tackle new operations and emergencies.
  • Online Score Ranking System! Compare your best operation scores with players around the world!
  • Fully Voiced Dialogue! Characters will come to life as never before as they speak to you during operations and story cutscenes.
  • Full 480p and 16x9 Widescreen Support!

Trauma Center: New Blood has been rated "T" for Teen with Mild Language, Mild Violence, Drug Reference, and Blood by the ESRB.

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