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'Rainbow Islands Evolution' (PSP) - Screens

by Rainier on Nov. 20, 2007 @ 11:20 a.m. PST

Following in the footsteps of Bubble Bobble Evolution, Taito's cult classic arcade game Rainbow Islands will be the next title to receive a modernising touch in the form of Rainbow Islands Evolution, marrying the original's much-loved vintage gameplay mechanics with the formidable horsepower of Sony’s portable wonder.

Bub and Bob are now under the shadow of an evil record company who is polluting the ecosystem with a constant, mass-produced musical dirge. With this cacophony causing the flora to wilt and the fauna to mutate into aggressive enemies, only Bub and Bob have the experience to take on the record company and its seven bosses, setting the stage for an entirely new adventure.

The game environment itself is receiving a major overhaul. The strict vertical ascents of the original have been expanded and extrapolated into three dimensions, with each level’s building-block platforms now following perspective and disappearing into the distance. As Bub and Bob negotiate the levels, these platforms will scroll to the forefront as they become accessible. This literally opens up a new dimension for the classic Rainbow Islands gameplay and forms just one of a host of new features.

The Evil Record Company!

A record company called Million Records has expanded into every area of the music industry from production of instruments to raising new talent and publishing records. Recently they have started to churn out nothing but generic, soulless music and have spread it across the globe.

Songwriters held Prisoner!

All the songwriters are now held prisoner inside the Headquarters of Million Records, located in the Rainbow Islands. They are forced to create boring, empty music 24 hours a day while strictly adhering to the ‘Million Hit Manual’.

Ecosystem in despair!

The ‘fake’ music created by Million Records has a terrible effect on the ecosystem of the Rainbow Islands. The trees have withered, insects have mutated into aggressive attackers and even the islands’ gravity has been affected!

The Good guys!

This terrible calamity has brought Bubby and Bobby back to restore their homeland to its natural glory. Using a magical Rainbow instrument called the ‘Hurdy Gurdy’, they must battle and destroy the evil Major Seven!

The BAD guys!

The pride of the Million Records Company, the “Major Seven” appear as the bosses in each stage, using their giant instruments and cheap sounds to try and stop Bubby and Bobby dead in their tracks.

Rainbow Islands Evolution is coming to North America in January 2008.

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