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So Blonde

Platform(s): Nintendo DS, PC, Wii
Genre: Adventure
Publisher: dtp

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'So Blonde' Game Characters - Screens

by Rainier on Dec. 1, 2007 @ 7:44 a.m. PST

So Blonde, written by Broken Sword's Steve Ince, is an adventure game based around beautiful (anti-)heroine Sunny Blonde, featuring jet black humor that goes far beyond trite clichés, gorgeous cartoon graphics, puzzling riddles and a ton of gameplay surprises.

She is young, she is pretty and she comes from rich parents: Sunny Blonde has little to worry about in her life. Especially not today: the 17-year-old American beauty is on a luxurious Atlantic cruise with her parents, celebrating their wedding anniversary. But it’s not really a party after Sunny’s taste – she’d rather be getting down with her friends. That’s why she uses every chance she gets to get away from her parents and explore the ship. Just when the ship passes by the Bermuda Islands, the inevitable occurs: a heavy thunderstorm rolls in, the cruise ship is overwhelmed by the sea. Sunny passes out and is transported into one of the vessel’s lifeboats…

Sunny comes to on a gorgeous sandy beach on an island covered with palm trees. She can barely recall what happened. Still slightly dazed, she does register that there are no other passengers anywhere near – she seems to be stranded on the island all by herself.

But an involuntary stay on a completely unfamiliar island, with no way of knowing how she will ever leave it, is one thing. More severe for Sunny is that all of a sudden she will have to make do without all her luxurious accessories: her cell phone gets no coverage, her make-up is all messed up, and there doesn’t appear to be a shopping mall in walking distance. And her troubles are only getting started: through some freak of time and space, she seems to have been transported several centuries back and landed in the middle of an age ruled by pirates and buccaneers.

Sunny, the anti-heroine of the forthcoming comic adventure treat So Blonde, is a quite unique game character. The 17 year-old blonde meets some very quirky and bizarre islanders on her temporary new island home:

Max is a small, greedy little animal. Sunny meets him right at the start of the adventure and the pair hit it off immediately, even though she can’t quite work out what species Max belongs to! Max accompanies Sunny all over the island and stays with her throughout the adventure: he is always ready to help our blonde to carry out some tricky tasks. He is also available to the player as a playable character from time to time.

Captain Morgane is female emancipation personified: She is the lady captain of a rowdy and coarse pirate crew and knows how to keep them in line. She not only earns respect through her stunning looks; she is also aware of her skills and knows she may be able to help this lost island, the setting for So Blonde. She does not fear her arch enemy, One-Eye, but cares deeply for her crew’s welfare. Perhaps she can help Sunny call a halt to One-Eye’s activities; whether he likes it or not…

One-Eye is a real villain who embodies the classic stereotype of a pirate, down to the eye-patch (could this be where he gets his name from); only his size is at odds with the typical image of the pirate. However, this doesn't stop him from having the inhabitants of the island under his thumb: he is responsible for a curse on the island, which eventually turns out to be the cause of all the bad things going on there...

Diablo is One-Eye’s henchman, who is indeed a man who inspires fear owing to his formidable stature and brutality. These characteristics are surpassed only by his naivety and lack of self-confidence... can Sunny really show him the respect he is due?

Sunny’s island is inhabited by many more wacky characters, who we will introduce to you very soon.

Sunny Blonde didn’t exactly want to land in the Bermudas; in fact the gorgeous 17 year-old was on a luxury cruise with her parents to celebrate their silver wedding anniversary. But a raging storm plunged the ship into distress at sea, Sunny went overboard and she regained consciousness washed up on the beach like driftwood!

Much more problematic than her unintended stay on a totally unknown island, which she has no idea how she can ever leave, the horrible realisation dawns on Sunny that she will suddenly have to do without out all the luxuries of life: her mobile has no signal, her make-up is a mess and it looks like the nearest shopping mall is miles away… on foot! And if that wasn’t enough, unfortunate circumstances have thrown Sunny back some one hundred years in time and she has ended up in a golden era of pirates and buccaneers!

Sunny Blonde is also in a really tricky situation and we are calling upon the PC gaming community to solve it in So Blonde! The person responsible for the novel plot is none other than the famous adventure author, Steve Ince (“Baphomets Curse”).

So Blonde, developed by the French developers Wizarbox, promises a wacky story line, a stunning (anti-)heroine, deeply black humour, which far outstrips all the blonde joke clichés, fabulous comic-strip graphics and a quite few gameplay surprises!

dtp entertainment will publish So Blonde worldwide under the ANACONDA label, with a November release date set for German-speaking territories.

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