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Universe at War: Earth Assault

Platform(s): PC, Xbox 360
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: SEGA
Developer: Petroglyph

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'Universe at War: Earth Assault' - Patch #1 Available NOW

by Rainier on Dec. 13, 2007 @ 6:34 a.m. PST

Universe at War: Earth Assault is set in the near-future when multiple factions from across the galaxy have come to Earth to wage epic warfare. Containing numerous features and customization options never-before-seen in the RTS genre, Universe at War: Earth Assault will create an exceptional strategy experience for single-player and especially multiplayer battles.

Get the Universe at War: Earth Assault Patch #1 off WP (20mb)


* Economy balance pass made on all MP and Global Maps
* Unit pathing has been enhanced for all maps
* Masari Matter Engine production build cap reduced to 5 from 20
* Orlok's attack damage increased by 25%
* Orlok mode swap animation times reduced by 50%
* Orlok now heals while in Endure Mode
* Both arms and shields of an Assembly Walker must now be destroyed before the core can be destroyed.


* Disconnects and signouts are now properly reported to the victim user in Conquer the World matches.
* Map start locations are functioning properly now after a user replays a skirmish session then quits out to the lobby.
* Fix for occasional missing global dialog sequences between missions.
* Fixed attract mode screen in widescreen
* Focus is properly reassigned to the skirmish dialog when the player returns to that lobby from a skirmish battle.
* Additional tweaks to speed up level loading
* Polished Post Battle scenes - adjusted order on Aliens and widened text box for all languages
* Fixed Russian speech files that were being cut off
* Disabled saving replays from loaded save games
* The redirection shield was not being cleared of bad effects by Novus Reboot. Fixed.
* Silver players can now filter out Gold-only games and in-progress games
* Added better support for disconnecting players in ranked games.
* Added support for Gold-only list play games
* Fixed an invite bug in list play games
* Several multiplayer lobby enhancements
* Fix regarding audio options not reverting in-game after pressing Esc.
* Fixed support for earning Achievements offline
* Subtitles are now defaulted to on for some languages
* Various localized text adjustments and corrections

Petroglyph’s next project; Universe at War: Earth Assault, is an epic sci-fi RTS set in the year 2012, as powerful alien forces bring their galaxy-spanning war to our planet’s doorstep.
Save the world or consume it as you take charge of three unique factions with awesome powers and spectacular units. Command the massive alien walkers of the Heirarchy, control the sentient machines of Novus, or unleash the epic powers of the Masari. With Tactical Dynamics, Universe at War’s customization system, you can dynamically swap out weaponry and reconfigure units on-the-fly to thwart your foe and seize the advantage.

Universe at War: Earth Assault features large-scale environmental destruction in a persistent world – level a city and when you come back, the area will still be a smoking ruin. Here, though, the environments you are fighting for are close to home, as you wage war across familiar Earth landmarks and cities.

The entire globe is at your command, as you manage resources, armies, and territories in the real-time strategic mode. As your heroes lead your forces into enemy territory, you will be taken into fast-paced tactical battles where the emphasis is on combat and action.

Universe at War: Earth Assault features innovative new multiplayer features inspired by today’s top MMOs and competitive online environments, giving players achievements, rewards, and medals but in a balanced environment. As the first third-party game to support Games for Windows Live, Universe at War will feature full player achievements and PC vs 360 cross-platform gaming, allowing players from around the world to battle it out in persistent-style online “campaigns” for ultimate faction and platform supremacy.

Features :

  • Tactical Dynamics lets you customize your armies on-the-fly to overcome any challenge or opponent
  • Unique multiplayer achievements and modes that are new to the RTS genre
  • Cross-platform play pitting PC vs 360 gamers
  • Environmental destruction and manipulation in a persistent world
  • Dual layer of tactical and global gameplay
  • Special hero units
  • Massive-scale units that dwarf conventional RTS units
  • Real-world, modern-day environments
  • Three unique factions, not including the introductory military faction, which players can control as they learn the game
  • On-demand UI that doesn’t clutter your view of the battle

Universe at War: Earth Assault is currently scheduled for Dec. 10, 2007

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