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Gothic III

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Role-Playing
Publisher: Jowood
Developer: Piranha Bytes

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'Gothic III' - v1.5.2 Community Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on Dec. 14, 2007 @ 9:09 a.m. PST

Gothic 3 is the third part of the RPG legend presenting an intense, living world and a non-linear, varied gaming experience.

Get the Gothic III v1.5.2 Community patch off WP (25mb)

Gothic 3 v1.5.2 Community Patch

- copy protection has been removed
- Slightly improved memory-use.
- The error "Scripted state is not registered: ZS_Spectator!" is removed
- When an NPC leaves the party, the accompanying message is not shown twice anymore.
- By a deadly fall as an animal the death-animation is acted.
+ Also for the quicksaves the date of the save is shown.
- Resolved graphical errors that could appear when the intro-videos are deactivated.
- Resolved exploit when brewing potions.
- It is no longer possible to insert empty inventory/spell-fields into the quickbar.
- Even when an NPC is long dead, it is still possible to act all the dialogues about him.
- Reading of the stone tablets does not cause an addition and subtraction anymore for "Ancient Knowledge".
- Pressing "Backspace" does no longer cause the end of the dialog.
- Corrected erroneous request of the memory-status.
- Several dialogues are now recorded in the corresponding questlogs.
- Bradleys slavelist and Ashtons goldlist will not be shown rolled up while Marik reads them.
+ Some until now inactive dialog clippings with Kor-Shach, Sanford, the Montera barkeeper, Umbrak, Rovold, Tom, Wilson, Gnar, Iomar, Diego, Myxir, Navaras and Kerth are now released.
+ Kerth is now available as teacher, Myxir as teacher and trader.
- The removed quest "10 pieces of gold ore" is now completely deactivated.
- The quests "Liberate the desert from the reign of the Hashishin!", "The chest of the alchemists", "Ore thieves", "Kill Orcs!" and "The druidstone of the wolf" are now started properly.
- Steve now speaks his first line with his own voice.
- Corrected the number of "Wild Lions" in the quest "The ruins of Bakaresh".
- Ugolf takes in the quest "Ore for Ugolf" the agreed upon 50 ore from the hero.
- Pickaxes and Woodcutter Axes are now shown in the inventory under "weapons" and can be used as such.
- The Woodcutters Axe now costs 40 instead of 1 gold.
- It is now not possible anymore to use a whetstone, when one has no blade weapons at all.
- Chris now gets the 5 chunks of meat as mentioned in the dialog.
- Unlocking of Navaras as a teacher is corrected.
- After Thorald has received his equipment from the hero, he equips it.
- Thorald accompanies the hero now to the liberation of the Hammerclan-Mine.
- Problems with the quest "Become champion of the arena in Faring" resolved.
- The hero speaks the sentence "Xardas searches for the artifacts of Adanos" only once.
- Stoneroots are not edible anymore.
- Lars leads the hero now also to the pass to Nordmar when one has killed Zapotek, without buying Lars' freedom.
- The quest "Slaves for Lago" is already started with Vasco and not with the "Tired Slaves".
- The quests "The paladin Konrad wants his magic back" and "The paladin Karlen want his magic back" are now cancelled when one hands over the Fire Chalices to Grok.
- The quest "smithing in Faring" cannot be resolved too early.
- It is not possible anymore during dialogs, swimming and the use of spellscrolls, to open up the inventory or other menus.
- The rebels in the inner fortress of Faring (after the revolution) do not act unfriendly anymore towards the hero.
- After the liberation of Gotha one is not wanted for theft for previous plundering.
- 10 Reputation points added with the Hammerclan.
- Also for the quests of the Monastery of Innos one now receives reputation points.
- The quests of the Monastery of Innos can be found in the questlog under "Monastery".
- Also when Zuben is already long dead it is possible solve the game on the way of Innos.
- The quest "Report to the leader of the orcs' mercenaries in Montera" can be solved without accepting "How loyal are the orcs' mercenaries?"
- When one attacks Sugut, or attacks his camp with Nomads, he acts as a Hashishin. (Except one kills him already from range)
+ Display of ingame-time in the questlog.
+ Raw meatbug meat can now be grilled at campfires.
+ When one tries to learn a perk from a teacher, without mastering the required skills, the failing attributes and talents are shown on the screen.
+ After learning a skill or spell, the remaining learning points are shown on the screen.
+ By quests with a time limit a message is shown on the screen with "you have [xy] days time".
- If an NPC is killed by a finishing move, his life-energy is reduced to zero.
- If one "sends back" a summoned creature, it's life-engergy is reduced to zero.
- You can't give healing potions to summoned creatures anymore.
- When the hero is knocked over in combat, he does not regenerate mana anymore.
+ Men and Orcs that are hit hard enough with a headknock arrow drop to the ground for a short while.
- Fire arrows and exploding arrows set the enemy on fire now when the bow is drawn far enough.
- Skeletons now receive damage from fire arrows.
- It is now not possible anymore to damage golems with normal bolts or arrows. Exceptions are the headknock arrows and blade quarrels; as well as the fire and explosion arrows on ice golems.
- It is now possible to preset both arrows as well as bolts from the inventory.
- Ranged weapons can now be re-equiped with the spacebar.
- Resolved bug where the hero equiped a ranged weapon without ammunition.
- It is now impossible to shoot bolts with a bow.
- Failure removed where the Orc bosses would not attack anymore even though several cities had been liberated.
- Lecterns / Stone tablets are not read twice anymore.
- The hero is protected from uselessly trying the "Animal form" spell.
- Torches are removed from the inventory after being used.
- The spell "Flame sword" is consumed after use.
- Late ‚Tutorial'-messages for Gorn, Lester, Diego and Milten will be blocked then.
- The weapon "Moonblade" cannot be whetted, blessed or poisoned.
- The skill "Resistance to cold" now has the correct implementation.
- The skill "Improve robes" now has the correct implementation.
- The skill "Improve armor" now has a more clear effect
- The skill "Make excuses" is more effective - the higher the thief skill of the hero, the lower the risk to get caught.
- The effects of the skill "Manaregeneration" are reduced.
- Picking up teleporter stones, arrows and bolts does not lead to attacks of bystanding NPCs.
- Drinking magical potions does not consume mana anymore.
- Spellscrolls and Spells from the magic-book require the same amount of mana.
- NPCs hand over the agreed reward in the full amount.
- In general, quests cannot be resolved or obtained by trading the involved goods with the questholder.
- Tamed animals are not released anymore by simply clicking them, but require an explicit "Go back now!".
- Summoned creatures do more damage again.
- The hitting chance of "Fire rain" for larger enemy mobs is slightly improved.
- Implementation of "Transform into Bloodfly" improved (navigation, altitude drops).
- No reforming and rebirth anymore of the hero after dying as an animal.
- Correction for the calculation of the life energy with transformations.
- The hero does not regenerate endurance, life or mana points after his death.
- The problem that - in some savegames - in a conversation the "End"-option disappeared is resolved.
+ The hero unequips teleporter stones automatically after use.
- The health bar of shrines is removed.
- Ancestor stones can be placed on their runic sockets even after the choice for Adanos ("Xardas ending").
- Changing a weapon to another (melee, ranged, magic) while being hit at the same time does not cause a mix up with another weapon being equipped anymore.
- The hero can read the "Chronicles of Dominance" only after having obtained the required information from Myxir and Dargoth.
- The recipe for "Deadly poison" is removed from the game totally since the poison itself is not even implemented in the game.
- Booze, Nordmar Noggingfog and Stollengrollen can be distilt at the alchemist bench, instead of being brewed in a cooking pot.
- While the hero is eating, drinking or reading, it is not possible to select a teleporter stone or spell from the inventory anymore.
- The hero does not receive any experience points anymore for his own suicide.
- Ore blanks, magic ore blanks and meat cleavers cannot be equiped anymore.
- For spellscrolls lying around the name is indicated.
- Hits with a headknock arrow do no longer result in fire effects.
- The duration of quests with a time limit is now determined more exactly.
+ River and ocean sounds can now be heard.
- Music can be turned off completely.
+ New icon for gold coins.
+ New icons for teleporter stones.
+ New icon for the pickaxe.
+ New icon for Scavenger eggs.
- The rumble audible by Levelup and Teleport is 6 decibel less.
- Dialog options for Kaelin are sorted properly.
- Dialog options for Harek are sorted properly.
- It is now also possible to help Harek with meat afterwards, and also to help him on the run, even when Gamals order is refused.
- When one wins against Dan in the arena, it is possible to notify his slave of this.
- Tangach lets the hero enter Uruks House, once enough reputation points have been gathered.
- NPC's who have been woken up do not go to sleep again immediately.
- The last wooden shield's inventory icon is corrected.
- Quest "Go to the southern bridge with Hogar" will be started using a separate dialog option.
- The golden plates that Lares wants now are actually named "Golden plate".
- Trading rebels after a revolution are now labelled as "Trader" or "Smith" resp., not simply as "Rebel".
- The Quest "Cole the farmhand wants to go to Nemora" can now be found under "Nemora" in the mission log.
- The Quest "The orc shaman Grok wants all the fire chalices" doesn't start without the hero's agreement.
- The hero gets Thieving +1 for the quest "The soul chalices"
- Icon for "Ironstem" corrected.
- Icon of the spellbook entry "Cure disease" corrected (colour).
- Descriptions of the perks Fire mage, Dark mage and Water mage made more concrete.
- Three adjustments of the distribution of political reputation, so that exactly 100% can be reached:
-- Quest "Make Folleck go back to work in the castle yard" - plus one point regarding the orcs.
-- Quest "Approval from the ore smelters" one point less regarding Nordmar.
-- Quest "Destroy the orcs in and around the temple of Trelis" - one point less regarding the rebels.
- Three adjustments of the distribution of enclave reputation, so that exactly 100% can be reached:
-- Quest "Hunt the nasty wild boars" - plus four points in Okara.
-- Quest "Cole the farmhand wants to go to Nemora" - plus five points in Nemora.
-- Quest "The wells outside the city" - five points less in Ishtar.
-- Quest "Tjalf's chest" - plus two points at the Hammerclan.
-- Quest "Bridge orcs" - plus six points at the Hammerclan.
-- Quest "Kill the boss of the valley" - plus 7 points at the Hammerclan.
- Postprocessing options have been detached: depth of field without bloom effect possible.
- Bloom can be deaktivated on every PC system.
- The armor perks treat the robe of Adanos like a robe now, not as heavy armor.
- The quest "Thorek wants magic ore for his smithy" gets cancelled if you don't give his ore, although you're already behind time.
- The quest "Secret dealings" won't be cancelled by solving the quest "Bernado's tribute".
- The HUD now preferably selects the last map that the player selected upon opening the map list.
- The UserOptions.ini is only read once.
- Zakosh doesn't regard the hero twice for "Kill the three trolls in the hills near Faring".
- Several subtitles in Italian added.
+ New screens by loading of a savegame. (Not yet certain if it will be implemented).

The following fixes will only become effective when a new game is started, but not in already existing savegames:

- The not fully implemented skill "???" is removed from the Character menu.
- Mora Sul will not be liberated anymore by simply killing Nasib.
- Angar, Anktos, Oelk, Paladin and Orknarok do not fight at the side of the Hashishin anymore during the liberation of Mora Sul.
- No skeleton will attack an undead high priest anymore.
- More milk is to be found (with dead cows).
- Stray wolves can now also be hit with magic and ranged weapons.
+ Jaroll and Jarock now have a voice.
+ Grok has the Ruins-map in his inventory.
- Hauke no longer has a battle-axe as a weapon, but just a pickaxe.
+ Lionnesses now have a plunder-inventory.
+ The Hashishin who are called "Merchant" now actually are merchants.
+ Osmund trades entirely in herbs now.
- Flame swords cannot be bought anymore, when a new game is started.

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