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Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games

Platform(s): Nintendo DS, Wii
Genre: Action/Adventure
Publisher: SEGA

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'Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games' (NDS) - 9 New Screens

by Rainier on Dec. 14, 2007 @ 2:33 p.m. PST

In Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games, players will compete in events that take place in environments based on the official venues of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. Using a supporting cast of characters from the amazing worlds of both Mario and Sonic, gamers will be able to compete as or against a range of lovable personalities including Mario, Sonic, Luigi, Knuckles, Yoshi, Tails and more, as you race down the 100m track, engage in exhilarating rallies in table tennis and churn water in a swimming heat, all while competing for the much sought after gold medal.

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games, created specifically to take advantage of all the features the DS has to offer, boasts 16 official Olympic challenges including two new events that are exclusive to the handheld game - 10m Platform Diving and Cycling. Using the unique Touch Screen and stylus, players can interact with the game as they jump, swim, run, shoot, pedal and flip their way through authentic competitions to win Gold medals. The Nintendo DS edition also features eight Dream events – five of which can only be found on the handheld game. Each Dream event takes an Olympic sport and brings it into a video game-inspired world filled with obstacles, power-ups and familiar opponents from the worlds of Mario & Sonic to challenge even the best players. These exclusive DS Dream events are: Dream Canoe, Dream Boxing, Dream Basketball, Dream Long Jump and Dream Shooting(Skeet).

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games presents DS players the chance to play as any one of 16 video game characters – eight from the world of Mario™ and eight from the world of Sonic - each bringing their own talents and athletic capabilities to the competitions. The game is filled with challenges for all kinds of gamers thanks to the three gameplay modes - the Single Event Mode where players can choose one specific event to play, the Circuit Mode where players can choose a series of events to compete in, and the Mission Mode where players have the opportunity to fulfill a series of solo challenges that test their athletic capabilities, timing and reflexes. Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games finishes up with the Gallery, where mini-games and Olympic trivia come together to bring more addictive DS fun.

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games for the Nintendo DS also offers irresistible multiplayer opportunities by taking full advantage of the DS wireless capabilities that offers both Single-Card and Multi-Card gameplay options. The multiplayer gameplay can be enjoyed in Single Event Mode - including the Dream events - as well as in Circuit Mode for up to four players. For gamers looking to see how they do on an international level, DS players can use the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection system to upload their scores to the worldwide rankings and check how they rate against players around the world.

Currently available in stores for the Wii, Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games for the NDS will be shipped to stores on Jan. 22, 2008.

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