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'X²: The Threat' - v1.5 Update Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on Dec. 28, 2007 @ 12:31 a.m. PST

Enlight has released a new update patch for EgoSoft's sci-fi flight sim X²: The Threat. This update brings your retail game to v1.5 and adds the new UPLINK facility to export your game statistics to a file which can then be uplinked to the Egosoft servers for display and comparison.

Get the X2: The Threat v1.5 patch off Worthplaying (4mb)

This patch is for X2: The Threat and updates v1.4 to 1.5.

This self extracting archive must be extracted to the installation folder of X2-The Threat so it can overwrite the files installed on your PC.

For details on the patch and further information please visit the www.egosoft.com online community and see the Readme1.4.rtf document.


The first time you load an old savegame, it will have to be converted. This can take a much longer time than normal loading. This is only a one time effect. Save again and the loading time will be normal again.

Enjoy your stay in the X universe!

This v1.5 update contains the following features:

  • The new UPLINK facility to export your game statistics to a file which can then be uplinked to the Egosoft.com servers for display and comparison.

Once downloaded, simply run the .exe and follow the instructions.

A FAQ will soon be made available for the UPLINK facility in the FAQ section of the Egosoft site.

Update 1.4 Feature list:


  • There are several versions of this update for different language and country versions. To make sure you always get the right version of the update, you have to register on our website using the online registration key of your product. Registration will also give you access to additional download content.
  • This update requires version 1.2 or 1.3 to be already installed. Only older Australian and North American (US and Canada) versions can contain versions below 1.2. All European versions are 1.2 or 1.3 from the start.
  • Boron Manta and Teladi Toucan TP ships now have the transport class L and thus cannot transport XL goods any more. As a compensation all TS ships have been given more cargo space and maximum speed. If you still have TP ships in your fleet which carry XL goods (e.g. Ore) you will still be able to sell, move and eject them in v1.4.
  • The first time you load an old 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 or 1.3 savegame, it will have to be converted. This can take a much longer time than normal loading. This is only a one time effect. Save again and the loading time will be normal again.


  • Artificial Life Engine: AL plugins add atmosphere and life to the X Universe.AL settings can be changed in the Options menu. Existing plugins:
    • President's End Task Force
    • Race Patrol
    • TP Liners
  • Trading docks and Equipment docks can be bought at shipyards! You can runthem like a factory. Goods are added by moving them to the station. Note that you can set only one price for each ware.
  • The collision avoidance has been improved along with the AI in general.
  • Advanced players will be able to capture and pilot Khaak ships.
  • Escort ships now have smoother, more consistent speed
  • Defend against massive Xenon invasions in a new BBS mission.
  • Many new filters and additional information in the "Property Owned" menu, and you can jump to the Adjust Station Parameters directly by pressing 'D'.
  • Suggested minimum product selling price available in the "Adjust Station Parameters" menu.
  • Fewer notifications about enemy attacks on player property.
  • Be aware of laser towers! They are much stronger and smarter now.
  • Player-owned ships will not leave their homebase jump radius any longer.
  • The station information menu now shows you the required resources per production cycle of your factories.
  • The Command Console is available in stations, too. Scripters can create new station and ship commands, similar to the ship turret commands (no flight commands).
  • Announcements in stations and the eject (Shift+E) confirmation can be disabled in the Options menu.
  • Software (including Best Buys and Best Selling Price Locators), Engine Tunings, Rudder Optimizations and Cargo Bay Extensions will not be destroyed any more during fights.
  • Police licences will no longer be lost when a 'stray shot' hits a friendly ship.


  • FIXED: Several rare crashes
  • FIXED: Game could freeze when player died
  • FIXED: Using a joystick with a throttle could make the cockpit judder a lot
  • FIXED: Memory leak which caused big savegames
  • FIXED: Sectors in the galaxy map could have green borders although the player has no property there.
  • FIXED: Various BBS missions updated, specifically no more negative rewards
  • FIXED: Some missing goods have been added to several Equipment Docks
  • FIXED: Ships could not dock at the Xenon K
  • FIXED: H did not open the help menu
  • FIXED: Shift-J skipped the jump countdown instead of aborting it
  • FIXED: Releasing the Shift key when typing in input menus could cause double characters
  • FIXED: Large ships were not shown correctly in warp tunnels
  • FIXED: Using the parameter -noabout messed up copy protection (nevertheless using -noabout is still not recommended).
  • FIXED: The main story could get stuck before the mission in Omicron Lyrae.
  • FIXED: Sometimes the gravidar was not shown correctly when starting a new game or tutorial.

Update 1.3 Feature list:


  • Many of the new features of version 1.3 affect the ability to MOD the game (make custom modifications of X2 and edit the universe). There is a separate "modder kit" available for download for registered users from our website for everybody interested in modding X2. It includes tools to generate mods as well as 3D exporter and documentation on writing scripts or using the galaxy editor.
  • Modified universe versus "original" universe: Since the introduction of the new modding support, the game can now run in two different modes. "Modified" and the original X2 unmodified mode. If players want to run self modified scripts or want to include any game content that could be used for cheating, the game will switch to the "modified" mode. Scripts which egosoft finds acceptable for inclusion into the "official" game (i.e they can not be used for cheating) will be signed by egosoft. Only signed scripts will be accepted in "unmodified" mode.


  • Savegame handling: To make saving games more secure, savegames are written in a temporary file. The actual savegame file is only replaced after a successful saving.
  • Autosaves are now rolling over a set of three files by default. So you will have the last three autosaves available instead of only one.
  • Steering inertia changed - steering is more exact for fast ships.
  • Trade extension MK3 is now integrated in X2, available at the TerraCorp Headquarters and some Teladi Trading Stations.
  • Jumpdrive Command available in the Command Console allowing you to command ships to use their jumpdrive. All escort ships will use the jumpdrive too. Recursive through the chain of wings/escorts. The recursion stops if a wing/escort leader can not jump. A jumpdrive and enough energy cells must be present in the ship. Manual jumps (Shift-J) do not trigger escort ship jumps, use the autopilot jump feature to do so!
  • The turret command "missile defense" works now like "protect me" instead of "attack all enemies". But if the ship executes "attack all enemies", the "missile defense" command will search for enemies too.
  • NPC capital ships now use the "missile defense" command instead of "attack all enemies" in some turrets.

*NEW* game "modding" support:

  • Ability to play a modified game (custom map, custom scripts, custom shiptypes etc.). In this mode the story plot of X2 is deactivated and the game shows a small "modified" overlay logo on the screen.
  • Possibility to include a mod package (.cat, .dat) in the start window.
  • Galaxy Editor available.

More info about these modding features are available as part of the "X2 modder package" from www.egosoft.com. This package also contains valuable tools for creating your own mods.


  • FIXED: Video recording mode now supports particles and trails
  • FIXED: Menu doubled when ejecting in a station
  • FIXED: Corrupt savegames when using long player ship name
  • FIXED: Crash in space if objects are very far away
  • FIXED: Xenon J was invisible
  • FIXED: Docking not possible at Paranid Drone Fab (fixed in some 1.2 versionstoo)
  • FIXED: Copy protection problem if game started with default savegame (German version only: If your savegame is affected please use the separate savegame patch!)
  • FIXED: "Invert Tilt Control" setting not saved when no joystick available
  • FIXED: Wingmen and turrets continued to attack captured ships
  • FIXED: Turret lead indicator wrong if ship speed is above zero.
  • FIXED: Ecliptic Projector was incorrectly displayed in turrets.

Note when using custom scripts:

Be careful if you use user-made scripts without the Script Editor. If you want to patch such a savegame you should activate the Script Editor in v1.2 before installing the update: In v1.3 user-made scripts are only recognized in a "modified" game.

Also NOTE: some built in new ship commands like the Jump Drive and Trade Extension MK3 command use command slots in the range from 0 to 15. So it may be possible, that commands installed by user-made scripts are no longer available in the command console till they use other command slots (16-31).

Trade Command Software MK3

The Trade Command Software MK3 is a new upgrade available at the TerraCorp HQ and various Teladi Equipment Docks. This extension is compatible to TS, TP, M3 and M4 class ships as well as the Goner Ship. You might think a price of 501.338 Cr is a bit high but believe me it's justified when comparing the cost to the profit this extension can make.

Once this software kit is installed on a ship, that ship will feature a new command "Start sector trader" in the Trading Command Console. Give this order and the ship will start to trade autonomously in its current sector aiming for the best profit.

Every time a ship running this software has made a profit of 50.000 Cr (for you!) it will substract a small fee from your account, consider this the cost of maintenance and docking permission. At the same time the ship will enter the next "level". The higher the level is, the more intelligent this ship will behave when trading. For example from level 4 on it will check the product of the station the ship is landed at and see if it can be sold for a profit ensuring no unneccessary empty runs are made.

Note that these levels are bound to the "pilot" of the ship. They will remain even if the command is stopped, however if you enter the ship you "fire" the pilot and all levels are gone!

This is the "sector trader" version that is only capable of trading within one single sector - it will not pass jumpgates on its own. The next version will upgrade the MK3 to become a true "universe trader" which is capable of doing intersector trading and eventually will even use the jump drive. This upgrade will eventually be available for registered players in the Download section of www.egosoft.com!

Update 1.2 Feature list:

NOTE: All European versions of X2 were delivered as version 1.2 from the start!


  • Improved joystick sensitivity
  • Station announcement text improved
  • Improved statistics output in player menu
  • Better alert and notification system for factories on maps and property menu


  • FIXED: Station announcements stopping after a while
  • FIXED: Ecliptic Projector was deactivated when entering another sector
  • FIXED: Strafe Drive max speed was not respected


  • NPC Ships no longer collect ore fragments
  • FIXED: Police Licenses were sometimes 'Destroyed'
  • FIXED: Lottery was offered with incorrect text sometimes
  • FIXED: Enemy state of stations long after attack
  • FIXED: Incorrect Maximum M6 Speed
  • FIXED: Argon mammoth was sold in pirate station
  • FIXED: Boron Octopus cockpit displays were not working

Update 1.1 Feature list:


  • Improved multi monitor support: Graphic cards with more than one monitor connected can open special resolutions which are two or three screens wide. These modes now show all menus on one monitor and allow configuring a second or third monitor to be used either for a wide angle view or for minimonitors. Such modes include 1+1 (secondary screen shows a "large" minimonitor), 1+4
    (secondary screen has four minimonitors), 1+1+1, 1+1+4

To get access to mulitmonitor modes you can use a dual or tripple head graphic cards or turn on the "horizontal span" in the NVidia NView tool.

  • Added support for EAX (activate at startup)
  • Re-adjusted fighting AI: Ships fighting in remote sectors
  • Added slider to input settings for Joystick sensitivity
  • Improved quality of audio streaming
  • Improved loading speed of new sectors
  • Added technical details screen about ships when buying a new ship from a yard (open with "i" or "u")


  • * FIXED: Support for some joysticks did not work.
  • * FIXED: Crash in sectors with a distant laser tower (E.g Ore Belt)
    * FIXED: Memory Leak when leaving cockpit view could cause slow down of the game and huge savegames
  • * FIXED: Possible hang of game in sectors with more than 40 free floating ware containers
  • * FIXED: Possible hang of game cause by NPC trading.


  • FIXED: Wrong percentage display for fight ranking in player menu.
  • FIXED: Command Console for Fighter Drones.
  • Launching from docking platform should work better when using Joystick with throttle control.
  • Mouse hold feature deactivated for higher rotation speeds
  • Improved trading scripts for NPCs
  • FIXED: Under certain circumstances a second ship could not be controlled in a minimonitor.
  • Hit counters are now correctly increased for wide area and lightning weapons
  • Subtitles are now synchronous with speech.
  • FIXED: Some few NPC powerplants did not produce energy.
  • Changed behaviour of fights in non active sectors (sectors where the player is not currently in)
  • Changed price variations for many products slightly.
  • Changed the default configuration of S/M/L variations of ships sold in yards.
  • FIXED: Infomenu for astronaut called from property menu was incorrect.
  • FIXED: Racecondition in rare situation when entering a sector caused corrupted sector ships.
  • Changed behaviour of monitor activation. Now F4 does not turn off a running command automatically. To get manual control of such a ship you will now have to press "u" to turn off the command first.
  • FIXED: Incorrect handling of installed upgrades when taking over a ship.
  • FIXED: Sometimes the sector music was played incorrectly.
  • Changed: Building a station is now also possible from a TL ship freight menu.

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