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'Final Fantasy V Advance' (GBA) Coming to Europe

by Rainier on Feb. 1, 2007 @ 9:31 a.m. PST

The fifth instalment in Square Enix’s renowned franchise returns with all the elements that make this one of gaming’s best-loved series. With new content, intricately detailed stories and stunning visuals, you won’t be able to keep your hands off your GBA when Final Fantasy V Advance launches across Europe on 16th March 2007.

Staying true to the Final Fantasy series, Final Fantasy V Advance combines complex and heroic new characters with familiar themes and an exciting new storyline to be experienced. Players must guide Bartz, along with his chocobo companion, young Princess Lenna, amnesiac Galuf, and Pirate Captain Faris through their world in a quest to prevent the destruction of the four crystals controlling the world’s elements. Players must utilise all their skills to battle their way past constant danger and prevent an evil wizard from destroying the world as they know it.

Players must guide the characters through a fantasy world, visiting towns, talking to other characters and battling monsters to do everything in their power to unravel the mystery of the crystals. Throughout the game’s battles, players earn experience points enabling their characters to “level up” and become even stronger. Along the way, they'll also obtain stronger weapons and armour, improving their effectiveness in battle.

Final Fantasy V Advance features an evolution of the Job System introduced in previous titles in the series. Not only can players freely change classes and jobs throughout the game, a feature reflected in the characters' physical appearance, but certain abilities can be learnt and assigned independently of their job. Final Fantasy V Advance adds to the fun with new jobs such as Oracle, Gladiator and Cannoneer throwing a slew of new abilities into the mix.

But it’s not all change; Final Fantasy V Advance still captures the essence of FINAL FANTASY with all the stunning elements fans have come to expect from the series. This game features classic series references, sweeping music, dramatic and diverse storylines and memorable characters. With all this added to the thrill of succeeding in the most difficult of quests, plus an all-new dungeon to explore, a unique job system and a host of all-new items to find, this really is a must have for all adventure fans.

So make sure you’re ready for the adventure of a lifetime when Final Fantasy V Advance returns to the Game Boy Advance on March 16th 2007 at the estimated retail price of around €40.

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