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SouthPeak Reveals UK Spring Lineup

by Rainier on Feb. 12, 2007 @ 12:46 p.m. PST

SouthPeak Games announced that it will be releasing three titles in the UK, the coming three months; two titles for both Xbox 360 and PC (Two Worlds and Monster Madness), as well as one title for PSP (The Con).

Early March will see the arrival of The Con for PSP – an interesting take on the fighting game genre, which encourages players not just to prove themselves the best on the streets, but to gain a fortune by betting on the outcome. Developed in Japan by Think And Feel Inc, The Con requires tactical expertise, physical skill and psychological guile to create one of the most intense handheld fighting games ever. Originally published by SCEA in America, the game is being reworked for a European release, taking user feedback into account to deliver an enhanced version of one of the most innovative fighting games ever.

Next up is Monster Madness: The Battle For Suburbia for Xbox 360 and Games for Windows®. Developed by Artificial Studios, Monster Madness: The Battle For Suburbia combines old skool playability with the latest next-generation display technologies. This creates a game which is relentlessly thrilling, consistently surprising and, above all, continually fun. Boasting single-player, co-op and head-to-head modes, the game pays homage to the B-movie horror genre. Four American college kids battle against hordes of the undead, despatching them with a collection of increasingly powerful – and bizarre – home-grown weapons. Monster Madness: The Battle For Suburbia will be released for Xbox 360™ and Games for Windows® in April.

Finally, May will see the arrival of Two Worlds for Xbox 360 and Games for Windows. This ambitious, sprawling role-play game – developed by Reality Pump – offers unprecedented levels of player freedom. This epic storyline is peppered with optional side quests, infinitely customisable combat options and mind-boggling attention to detail, pushing the genre further than ever before. Visitors to the game’s beautifully crafted worlds will enjoy unparalleled choice in terms of character and level interaction. Additionally, it boasts an innovative MMORPG mode – details of which will be revealed shortly.

“At SouthPeak, we pride ourselves on the ability to sign up the very best games from around the world, and our next three UK releases are no exception,” says Melanie Mroz, Executive Vice President, SouthPeak Games. “Two Worlds is easily the finest example of its genre, Monster Madness: The Battle For Suburbia is incredibly fun and addictive, and The Con takes handheld fighting games to an entirely new level. We’re staffing up our UK operations and we’re delighted to continue our relationship with Pinnacle, who have performed superbly for us in the past.”

Specific release dates for all three titles will be announced soon.

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