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'Beyond Divinity' - v1.49 Update Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on Feb. 15, 2007 @ 11:18 a.m. PST

After several months Larian Studios has released a new patch for its RPG Beyond Divinity. This update brings any English (except Australian version) retail game to v1.49, removes the StarForce protection, addresses a few bugs, and adds Vista compatibility.

Get the Beyond Divinity v1.49 Patch off WP (9mb)

Bugfixes in v1.47 to 1.49


WINDOWS 98 USERS, please read

Due to a Windows 98 resolution switching problem, going from one chapter (or "act" in the game) to another might crash the game. Please consider this workaround: save before entering the next act (chapter), and restart the game in 640x480 mode. To change this setting, run the configuration tool (a shortcut to this tool can be found in the Larian program group of your start menu). You may then load the savegame and enter the next act without crashing. After your arrival in this next act, save again and quit the game. You can then change the resolution to the one you like best and continue playing.

NEW INVENTORY SYSTEM as of Version 1.4

As of version 1.40, the inventory interface has changed. The buttons on the left side of the inventory no longer act as filtering buttons you can switch on and off. The buttons will now act as tabs. By clicking one of the tabs, the inventory field will only show one particular type of items.

  • By clicking the first tab, you will only see your armour.
  • Clicking the second tab will only show weapons.
  • The third tab contains your magical items (e.g. summoning dolls, charms, crystals...).
  • The fourth tab is where you can find your potions.
  • The fifth tab will only contain your book collection.
  • The last tab uncovers miscellaneous items (e.g. gold, food, drink, quest items...).

Bugfixes in v1.45 to 1.47

  • Locked Chests now have a lockpicking level
  • Fixed missing BF key in Act 3
  • Fixed Skill points cheat (unlearn -save/load)
  • Fixed Pickpocket cheat (ctrl-click stack)
  • Fixed Vitality and Magic calculations when restarting the game
  • Fixed possible loss of skill points when canceling in skill window
  • Fixed quest bug in Act4 when Tax didn't want to give key anymore
  • Fixed chests in Act4 that couldn't be opened
  • Fixed disappearing BF traders in Act5
  • Fixed NPC's hopping out of playfield as a result of pressing ALT-TAB
  • Fixed some quest entries and XP in Act3
  • Earthquake spell stops when being teleported
  • Fixed "Too Heavy" Message Flood
  • Requirements of items in Trade window now display properly
  • Fixed an issue with Identify skill
  • Fixed a crash related to unlearning a skill and switching characters
  • Fixed the large stamina potions

Game enhancements

  • When buying a lower skill level than already in skill list, highest level will remain
  • Changed penalty of overweight: When overweight, the player can't move any longer, but is able to rearrange his inventory.

Bugfixes in v1.44 to 1.45

  • Fixes the Windows98 Act Switching bug
  • Fixed problem where menu music keeps playing
  • Removed arrows from magic list
  • Fixed sharpen agility requirement
  • Fixed scary explosion description
  • Fixed duration of body magic offensive spells
  • Fixed wind of furies duration
  • Fixed Summoning Doll Inventory Bug
  • Fixed Savegame order
  • Removed extra damage on bows taken from melee skills
  • Fixed problem where teleport trap would teleport enemies out of the map
  • Fixed a bug where new items would suddenly start to lose their properties
  • Fixed after game crash with learning and boosting skills
  • Fixed Double Crystals bug
Game enhancements
  • Lowered arrow prices

Bugfixes in v1.43 to 1.44

  • Fixed Sharpen Skill
  • Fixed Empty Crystal Bag
  • Holy Water isn't available for pickpocketing anymore

Game enhancements

  • Added Difficulty option in options menu (You might want to change your difficulty again when loading an older savegame)

Bugfixes in v1.4 to v1.41

  • Fixed bug with items having wrong names and stats
  • Fixed Summoning Doll inventories
  • Put Crystal bag in magic category
  • Fixed Alchemy problem when creating a permanent potion
  • Fixed a possible crash when pickpocketing
  • Fixed learning skill cost
  • bf quest bug when removing item from inventory after completign quest
  • academy entrance story blocker

Bugfixes in V 1.4

  • Fixed food not being eaten
  • Fixed some problems with encumbrance
  • Fixed possible crash in game when trading
  • Fixed zero weight problems with equipable items
  • Fixed regeneration of trader inventories
  • Fixed crash when using identify in trader window
  • Savegame version numbers will be displayed correctly from now on
  • Fixed a problem where a chest containing many items would result in unreachable items
  • Fixed summoning dolls losing undistributed points
  • Fixed speed impact of items being wrongly calculated
  • Fixed a problem with higher skill-levels being learned and not applied
  • Fixed drop and use teleporter stone
  • Fixed small issue with gold amount after act switch
  • Improved Inventory Interface, Different item classes will now be in seperate tab windows (use buttons)
  • Fixed shared inventories with summoning dolls
  • Fixed an issue where the inventory plate would split up
  • Fixed Battlefield keys and switching between acts
  • BattleField Act1 dungeon 2 is now full of monsters
  • Reduced level of traps
  • Fixed problem with learning arrow conversion skills
  • Killing with lightningstorm give you experience now
  • Alchemy small self-made stamina potion work
  • Fixed grafix problem with self-made permanent constitution
  • Fixed self-made potion result
  • Fixed battlefield trader (they now get magical stuff) and teacher (you can learn better skills)
  • Teleport pyramids are no longer gone in act 3.
  • Archery champion quests will no longer become active for no apparent reason.
  • 'a' and 'the' have been removed in front of npc names in the battlefield dialogs (only English version).
  • Some battlefield quests will no longer become stuck and not be able to become completed. This does not fix cases where it has already happened, it will simply not happen anymore for newly generated quests.
  • Spelling errors fixed in battlefield dialogs (only English version).
  • Finding fruit for alchemist before receiving the quest and removing the fruit will no longer make the alchemist quest active.

Bugfixes in V 1.32

  • Fixed enter battlefields for after the game ends
  • Fixed issue where character is invisible when entering battlefields
  • Fixed Hurricane skill book
  • Fixed Inventory Issues with summoning dolls
  • Fixed Possible crash with summoning dolls
  • Fixed crash with music in battlefields
  • Fixed Aperture skill crash
  • Fixed Arrow damages
  • Fixed sight skill
  • Fixed whirlwind skill with ranged weapons and Summoning dolls
  • Fixed Curse Icons
  • Fixed Age Objects
  • Fixed a problem with curses and equipment
  • Act3: Ball in well quest now marked as completed in quest log when quest is done.
  • Act2: Luck mushroom now gives boost to luck
  • Act3: Necromancer quest in wastelands: Henry now looks like a man instead of a woman.
  • Act3: Raanaar quest to kill monster in cave no longer disappears from quest log when completed.
  • Act5: Battlefield quests now regenerate correctly when entering a new battlefield through the portals in the temple at the end of the game. This will not be automatically fixed for savegames allready in act5. Act 4 must be finished again to start act 5 all over again, this will work with an already existing savegame from act 4.
  • Act3: 4 chests with 4 keys, 1 of them now opens when taking a key.
  • Act3: Find cure for man turning into crystal quest now marked as completed in questlog when done.
  • Act3: Teleporters are no longer removed at the beginning of act 3.
  • Act1: Archer quest no longer appears in quest log for no reason.
  • Act2: Imp hero admirers scene no longer hangs sometimes.
  • Act3: Earth elemental with gem of teleporter no longer hangs the game sometimes.
  • Act2: Necromancer quest little village, can now enter house which was previously not accessible.
  • Act2: Necromancer quest little village, can now talk to all children after rescuing them.
  • Act3: Serrick quest reward is now given
  • Act3: Magical gloves scene in soldier camp now also triggered when dk picks up gloves
  • Act4: Placing teddy bear in cradle now gives experience
  • Fixed magic lightbeam bug
  • Fixed Bug with game not loading properly on Windows Xp (Load bar till 50%)
  • Fixed interface problems
  • Fixed Summoning doll resistance skill
  • Fixed an issue with teleport traps
  • Battlefield dungeon flags are disabled now
  • Fixed/Balanced some various skill issues

Game enhancements

  • Improved some skill balancing
  • Raised Gold for traders

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