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'Time Ace' (NDS) Announced - Screens

by Rainier on Feb. 2, 2007 @ 9:01 p.m. PST

Konami announced Time Ace, a fast and explosive high-flying shooter featuring 19 heart-pounding missions, numerous multiplayer modes and vibrant 3D graphics that faithfully bring the arcade-style shooter experience to a handheld gaming system.

Time Ace lets gamers assume the role of eccentric scientist, Dr. Hugo Clock, who in 1914 creates a time machine with the goal of preventing World War I from happening. However, his sneaky assistant, Dr. Klaus Scythe, steals his time machine with a plan to acquire an arsenal of history’s most powerful weapons in order to rule the world. Now Dr. Clock must pursue Scythe through time and prevent him from unleashing the aerial war machines of the future on an unsuspecting era.

As Dr. Clock, players will pilot a unique array of heavily armed aircraft from nine different periods of time. Players will be able to take control of World War I biplanes, contemporary jet fighters and futuristic flying war machines as they battle endless waves of enemies in massive and varied 3D environments. Players can collect special power ups to enhance their aircraft, taking on new weaponry while enhancing their speed and maneuverability across the game’s 19 levels.

In addition to the single player story mode, Time Ace offers gamers a number of fast-paced mini-games and electrifying multiplayer modes. Up to four players can take part in competitive game types, including intense dog fights and races utilizing the wireless capabilities of the Nintendo DS.

Key Features:

  • Pulse-pounding 3D aerial shooting action across more than 19 levels and nine historical eras
  • Acquire and fly the aircraft of the past, present and future, from World War II bombers to modern fighter jets and futuristic marvels of airborne destruction
  • Collect power-ups to modify the speed, durability and firepower of your aircraft
  • High-flying mini-games for up to four players, including races and intense dogfights via local wireless connection

Time Ace will launch for the Nintendo DS in Spring 2007.

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