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Pet Alien

Platform(s): Nintendo DS
Genre: Action/Adventure
Publisher: The American Gamefactory

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'Pet Alien' (NDS) - 60 New Screens

by Rainier on Feb. 8, 2007 @ 1:38 a.m. PST

Pet Alien is an action/adventure game based on the CGI animated TV series of the same name, in which a group of aliens try to help a young boy they've taken up residence with.

Gumpers wakes up. He's all alone. The last thing he remembers is that twinkling beam that appeared upon the lighthouse. He's not at home anymore but in a gigantic spaceship.Where is Tommy? Where are his alien friends?! Gumpers has no clue at all but it’s time for some action! What happened do you ask? They were captured by the Robotix! The Robotix hijack creatures all over the universe to build the biggest zoo in the galaxy. They knew humans are an easy target. How could they know they caught the weirdest aliens around …

Gumpers and his friends now need to work close together to rescue Tommy and to finally get back to Earth.

Features :

  • Play through massive 80 levels which set your brain on fire and which keep you entertained for a loooooong time.
  • Use the unique abilities of all five Pet Aliens and rescue Tommy. Dinko can run like hell, Gumpers smashes everything he can, Scruffy flicks out his tongue and licks away everything he can get, Swanky uses his brain as an advantage to solve puzzles by moving boxes and Flip finally can fly over moving belts and mines to reach blocked places. Only in combination it’s possible to solve the game.
  • Play in four different themed environments on the gigantic robotic spaceship: Commando Bridge, Hangar, Laboratory and Engine Room.
  • Conquer five challenging bosses: A frantic frog, a buggy bug, a farting turtle, an aimless spider and finally a Spanish fly on wheels. Watch their unique behavior, develop a strategy and use the ability of each Pet Alien to beat the top dogs.
  • Impressive 3D graphics running at 60 frames per second let the player belief to play directly inside the TV-Series.
  • Train your brain with five challenging and completely different minigames. They will train your brain capacity, reflexes, eyes, stamina and breathe power. Each Pet Alien has its own unique minigame.
  • Three independent save-slots allow the game to be played by your father, mother, brothers and sisters and even your grandma. Is her brain still fast enough to compete with you?
  • Have a look in Tommy’s photo album with 15 funny pictures from him and his friends which can be unlocked throughout the game.

Minigames :

  • Burp’n’Fart with Gumpers (Touch-Screen gameplay): This game is everything like the classic „Simon says“ game but much more. Train your brain capacity and follow ever growing patterns of light and sound. This time it’s not Simon talking to you its Gumpers stomach and his bowel inflated with lots of redundant air. Enjoy your meal!
  • Hop or Top with Swanky (Touch-Screen gameplay): Again your brain will be set on fire. Remember the position of the crystal and follow the movement of the barrels until they stop. Now try to remember the barrel including the crystal or your head will explode. This game will be played like the traditional hat game where your italien friend tried to steal your money but this time its much cheaper.
  • Daydream with Flip (D-Pad and microphone gameplay): It’s time to check your reflexes. Fly through this meteoroit shower and try to stay away from the meteroits. Take care because Flip is flying faster and faster. Completely deflate your lung to slow him down using the microphone. Do not forget to give your lung a little break from time to time or you won’t make it that long.
  • Slurp-Attack with Scruffy (Touch-Screen gameplay): Check your eye-hand-movement in Scruffy’s fast-peaced minigame. Lick up all crystals falling down from the top of the screen by tapping on them with the Stylus but don’t let any of them break on the ground. This sounds easy but you have to avoid the bad tasting stomach-churning tires at all cost.
  • Asteroid Run with Dinko (Touch-Screen gameplay): You surely remember the classic rock song “Run to the hills” from Iron Maiden. In Dinkos minigame the hills have been replaced by a little asteroid. Help Dinko collecting all green energy crystalls by drawing a circle around them using your stylus. Try to defuse the bombs in advance or they will be a major hurdle for Dinkos.

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