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SpellForce 2: Dragon Storm

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action
Publisher: Jowood
Developer: Phenomic

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'SpellForce 2: Dragon Storm' - 5 New Screens

by Rainier on March 13, 2007 @ 5:30 p.m. PDT

SpellForce 2: Dragon Storm takes players through a fascinating and exciting challenge as they fight for the magical portals, which seem to be the only connection between the shattered islands of Eo. During the search for the font, which could replace the dwindling energy and save the magical portals, the player recovers old runes and amazing traces of the most powerful creatures of the past: dragonsÂ…

The magical portals, the only links between the shattered islands of Eo, are losing their powers! On a dangerous mission to save them, the Shaikan discover the ruins of an ancient culture that once carried incredible power: The Shapers. Two of them survived the war, which had brought an end to their dominion, in an ageless slumber - but now one of them has been awakened! His power, born of magic believed lost, threatens Eo like no other enemy before… but there are hints of a lordly race, thought to have died out long ago, and with these hints comes hope for powerful allies: Dragons!

Features :

  • Seamless blend of role-playing action & real-time strategy:
  • Continuation of the legendary story in an exciting campaign with spectacular new landscapes, with more than 30 hours of playing time!
  • More RPG-experience through special hero-quests: the companions of your Avatar open quests that will provide them with additional abilities.
  • A consistent world: players will also visit familiar cities from SpellForce 2, where massive changes are taking place – never before has an RTS been so capable of telling a continuous story!
  • Command the additional Shaikan faction with its mighty Drago n titan!
  • An expanded skill tree offers the new Shaikan section for even more customized hero development.
  • Units of the Shaikan can choose between several upgrades allowing you to adapt them to your tactics.
  • Summoning magic allows you to conjure loyal companion animals!
  • Choose from hundreds of new equipment items, and create powerful crafted set items!
  • New maps for the free multiplayer mode: face the most legendary warriors in the Arena Quest!
  • Measure your group of heroes against those of other players in skirmish mode in the Fortress of Decision.

SpellForce 2: Dragon Storm will be available in stores late March 2007

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