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'FIFA Manager 07: Extra Time' - Patch #1 Available NOW

by Rainier on March 26, 2007 @ 2:48 a.m. PDT

FIFA Manager 07: The Extra Time expansion adds new stadiums from all over Europe, new features such as ability to sell advertisement, start as coach, half time screens with commentary and plenty more. This patch fixes a rare crash when AI is building a camp.

Get the FIFA Manager 07/Extra Time Patch #1 off WP (13/22mb)

For the first time ever EA is going to release an Add-On for an EA SPORTS game. Thanks to the Add-On “Extra Time” for FIFA MANAGER 07 the player is able to get even more into the daily business of football management.

Features :

  • Player Manager: It is now possible to start the game as player manager. In this case the player starts a career under his own name. At the beginning of the game, he can choose his character and abilities and in the course of the game he can continuously improve himself and even start an international career!
  • Ups & Downs: After the pre-season training, at the end of the year and at the end of the season, it will get even more exciting! All players will be re-evaluated and their ratings will be adjusted accordingly so you can see just how well you have performed as their manager. These are the most important minutes of the season for each player, including the reserves, the youth players and the new signings!
  • New Stadiums: In addition to the already existing stadiums the following stadiums will be integrated. The home of Arsenal, Benfica Lissabon, VfB Stuttgart, Bayern Munich, AS Rom, the Azteca Stadium, etc.
  • Half-time: A brand-new half-time screen with player talks, team talks, captain’s talk. Even a special appearance of the chairman is possible. Extensive additional stats simplify the half-time analysis.
  • Selling of Stand Names: In addition to the stadium names you can now sell the stands to sponsors to make even more money to buy new players!
  • Story of a Season: More than 20 screens with information and stats build up the tension step by step until the climax on the final matchday!
  • Road to Glory: Starting with the Round of Last Sixteen we present the “Road to Glory” screen which shows which teams the two teams have kicked out of the competition so far.
  • Championship Prediction: Five matches before the end of the season we show the remaining opponents for the manager’s teams and of the neighbouring teams in the table. Will you be pushing for the play off’s or fighting it out in a relegation battle?
  • After the Champions Cup: After European Cup match days there will be an additional analysis of the performance of all participants on the next league matchday.
  • In-game Website Extension: The manager now receives detailed information about the performances of all players from every team.
  • Stats: More than 30 different statistics screens (nearly 100 in total) leave nothing to be desired.

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