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'Dark and Light' Becomes Free for Play

by Rainier on March 30, 2007 @ 5:21 a.m. PDT

Farlan Entertainment's 40,000 square kilometers MMO Dark and Light pits the opposing forces of Light and Dark against one another in the mystical fantasy land of Ganareth. As a result of current improvements and heavy reorganization, the billing system has been removed and the game is now free to play for all old and new users.

Discover the first unique MMORPG world. All Dark and Light players are within the same seamless medieval world of 40,000 square kilometers (15,000 square miles) of land (not including seas), the biggest gameworld ever created! Massive numbers of fortresses and cities populate the thirteen kingdoms of Ganareth, a land locked in an epic battle for control between the Dark and Light factions. Wherever you are in the huge world of DnL, you can call or be asked for help to conquer, fight, or defend. Teleporting points are found in key locations (near villages and places of interests) for fast transport, or players can fly through the air without restrictions with their own dragon, glider, or parachute. The game has two starting zones­one for the Darks, one for the Lights­so all the players are gathered as they start the game.

Dark and Light is currently being improved and heavily reorganized. Due to this and several other problems encountered with the billing service, we have decided to stop using this service and to find another partner. As a direct consequence of this decision, Dark and Light is now totally free, without any kind of restriction, until a more satisfying solution can be set up in the months to come.
This is applicable to all accounts that were already created, whatever may be their current subscription type – Master, Freedom, or Discovery.

Due to the termination of this service, any billing or invoicing is of course stopped, including for accounts that were already opened.A new system of account creation will be set up in the days to come to allow newcomers to also access Dark And Light for free.

Dark and Light provides an unprecedented immersive environment, with original ambiances, such as ice, crystals, volcanoes, or elvish forests; sounds and music that vary depending on the location, the type of transportation and fights, etc.; a horizon view up to a distance of 30 miles; and dynamic and unique weather management.

At the Gameplays link on the Dark and Light homepage, players will find a set of guides to playing DnL. These guides offer easy entrance to the game for those who have just discovered the unique world of DnL, as well as useful information for the experienced and well-informed player. The user guide page is constantly expanding to include information that will inform players in their journey through Ganareth. Though not intended as a full strategy guide, they are a good starting point for information about how to play and manage the progression axes, along with fort management, crafting, and exploiting basics, information about the Dark and Light skill tree, and more.

At 40,000 square kilometers (15,000 square miles) of seamless playing surface, Dark and Light (DnL) is the biggest gameworld ever created. Massive numbers of fortresses and cities populate the thirteen kingdoms of Ganareth, a land locked in an epic battle for control between the Dark and Light factions.

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