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UFO: Afterlight

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Cenega
Developer: Altar

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'UFO: Afterlight' - v1.5 Patches Available NOW

by Rainier on April 13, 2007 @ 10:42 a.m. PDT

UFO: Afterlight is a mixture of squad based tactical action and global strategy with the gamer controlling the actions of elite ground troops, and the running and construction of an intricate network of interlinking bases while collecting resources.

Get the UFO: Afterlight v1.5 Patch off WP (10mb)

This patch fixes following bugs:

  • After long period of playing, mission loading time was increasing; memory manager could cause crash-downs.
  • Skybox was seen in other visual modes.
  • Destroying the target in an expedition mission didn't result in a win.
  • Replacing suit add-on didn't replace its bonus.
  • Deleting squads caused missing characters in the Equipment screen.
  • Interrupted level-up caused a loss of remaining level-up points.
  • Automatic re-equip created missing ammo.
  • "Unload all" affected parameters of other equipped weapons.
  • "Unload all" didn't refresh list of composed items in the Storage screen.
  • Beastmen weren't able to re-equip after they had been mind-controlled and disarmed.
  • Signs of some different mines on the globe were the same.

Also this patch improves the game in following matters:

  • The game runs under Windows Vista.
  • Appropriate handling of OpenAL libraries (sound issues).
  • Repeated stun-attack on unconscious unit doesn't add more experience.
  • Over-damage doesn't add more experience.
  • Info about selected character in the Base screen is displayed.
  • Changing a speed of the tactical game is possible with shortcuts; the same ones as in the strategy game.
  • Center on vehicles is obtained by clicking to open space in the Globe screen.
  • Clicking a portrait of a boss in any Management screen turns off his speech until next visit to the screen.
  • Labels of corpses in the tactical game are displayed only after the mouse focusing.

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