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TV Station Manager - Demo Available NOW

by Rainier on April 16, 2007 @ 3:02 a.m. PDT

In TV Station Manager you'll take the role of a new manager, just graduated, which is appointed by an almost bankrupt TV Station, hoping that you'll be able to fix the situation and maybe even raise the TV Channel popularity.

Get the TV Station Manager Demo off WP (10mb)

Before we start to see all the game various menu in details, a brief explanation of how the main mechanism works: every day you must decide your TV schedule. That is, which show and ad you'll be airing. You'll earn money based on the ads, and you'll be able to buy new show (replacing old ones if you want) and get new advertising deals. Once you have a lot of money, and once you register the game, you can also use your own Production Studio to make your own shows.

The game ends when you either reach the fame (100% rating) or if you go bankrupt or are fired by your boss. Every week the boss will directly talk to you, telling how good or bad you're doing, and if you really do a great job, he could even make you an interesting business offer...!

When you start a new game, you'll see a new screen in which you'll have to select a few things:

  • Your start up schedule - this selection will change the default programs you'll start with
  • Your gender - this choice will influence the gender of your TV Station boss.
  • Starting money - this will influence how much money you have at the start of the game
  • Studio quality - the starting Production Studio quality. A higher quality will mean shorter production times and better equipment, so you'll be able to make more complex shows.

If is the first time you play, we recommend you to leave the "tutorial" option on. That way Patty the assistant will give you a brief explanation on how the game works.

Here's a list of the game's features:

  • Buy or Sell rights to display programs on your TV! With 16 different program categories, from Action to Gossip, Documentary to Kids, and three different types (movies, series and daily programs) you surely will find something that suit your tastes!
  • Get exclusive advertising deals, based on specific public target and minimum attendance.
  • Arrange everything into the weekly schedule. Put the right program at the right hour, and place the ads on the best program to earn money!
  • If you're not satisfied about the current market offer for TV programs, make your own TV Show with the "Production Studio" ! Choose which actor/actresses will take part, decide the plot, the setting, and produce your own masterpiece!
  • Check the situation with various statistics on the Company Management Screen and decide promotional campaign to attract a specific segment of the public.

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