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Ankh: Heart Of Osiris

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Adventure
Developer: Deck 13

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'Ankh: Heart Of Osiris' - English Demo Available NOW

by Rainier on April 16, 2007 @ 11:40 a.m. PDT

Heart Of Osiris is not a sequel to last years point & click adventure Ankh, but a standalone expansion pack. Ankh : Heart Of Osiris is situated in the same environment as the original but now lets you play the game from a different perspective and character, the Pharaoh himself.

Get the Ankh: Heart Of Osiris Demo off WP (200mb)

Having rid himself of the death curse and saved the Ankh from the hands of Osiris, the wicked God of the Underworld, Assil has now woken up in the dingy back streets of Cairo with a blinding hangover only to discover the Ankh is missing! With no time to lose, Assil must recover the Ankh and ensure that it doesn’t fall into the hands of Osiris; to do so would be a catastrophe enabling him to launch his own fiendish plan.

Ankh: Heart of Osiris takes the game play, characters and locations to new levels. The environments are richer and more detailed, allowing for more in-depth exploration and a vivid in-game experience. Superior voice acting, cinematic full motion sequences plus sophisticated graphics with dynamic light, shadow and glow effects provide additional dimensions to the game.

Fans of the original game will be delighted by the return of the main character Assil, in an exciting new and zany story that will amuse and engage at every turn. Like its predecessor, Heart of Osiris is very easy to play with only a mouse. Now players are able to play as Assil, Thara and the Pharoah and each of these three characters has a more defined personality with cool, character-specific tasks.

XIDER has responded to the feedback of loyal players and ensured that many of the favourite features have been included and developed further to enhance the experience. The game enables players to get more involved with the main characters and immerse themselves into the mysterious Egyptian world. The Ankh trademark sense of black humour also continues to shine at every click of the mouse.

Helmut Schmitz, Managing Director at bhv Software says, “Ankh was such a success that we felt it was important to keep as close as possible to the original format. This has been achieved but greatly enhanced with new storylines, locations and characters. Fans of Ankh and new PC gamers won’t be disappointed by the feature-rich and lively adventures on offer in Ankh: Heart of Osiris.”

For the most part the functions remain the same as in the first version with a few changes and additions. A ‘hands-on’ codewheel has also been incorporated into the game and is included in the box. This helps to solve a cocktail puzzle inside the game that will unlock the title for the player. It’s a clever and entertaining twist that serves not only as a copy protection device, but it is also a great collector’s item.

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