Platform(s): Wii
Genre: RPG/Action
Publisher: KOEI
Developer: KOEI

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'Opoona' (Wii) - 50 New Screens

by Rainier on April 17, 2007 @ 2:43 a.m. PDT

Opoona is a lifestyle RPG, where you, as Opoona, descendant of brave warriors, known as Cosmo Guards, must adapt to a new environment, meet new people, get a job, all while becoming aware of the precious world and people surrounding him.

During a trip to the planet Landroll, Opoona becomes separated from his family. His brother and sister are missing, while his parents are hospitalized with serious injuries. In order to search for his siblings, Opoona must get a job and a “license” to travel between colonies. Thus, Opoona’s adventure begins as he struggles to establish a life for himself on this new planet.

Opoona is a “lifestyle RPG”. The player must adapt to a new environment, meet new people, get a job, all while becoming aware of the precious world and people surrounding him.

The “Active Bonbon Battle” is an action game-style battle system. The player pitches “Energy Bonbons” at enemies by snapping the Nunchuk. The player can manipulate the Bonbon’s trajectory – straight or curved. Once the target is fixed, the Bonbon will attack the target without fail. It is easy for beginners, and more skilled gamers can try multiattacks by manipulating the bonbon orbits in a strategic way. All other commands are also controlled by Nunchuk, to allow “one-thumb control” of the game.

A “Lifestyle RPG”: The Thrill of Living a New Life On the planet Landroll, anyone who wants a job must have a license. There are many kinds of licenses such as “rescuer”, ”Idol” and ”detective,” so it is up to the player to decide what kind of job to pursue. By completing one’s duty, the player can grow, deepen relationships, and unlock new areas. As such, Opoona is not only about battling, but about developing relationships with new people and contributing to society through work. Enjoy a New Life on Landroll

“Tomodachi Complete” –Opoona can expand and deepen his relationships with residents through conversations and work. The Tomodachi level changes as Opoona’s relationships evolve. When the Tomodachi level increases, Opoona will become involved with a broader range of activities including new jobs and hints to new adventures. Shopping and Collecting – Opoona can enjoy shopping and collecting. A wide range of items can be obtained - from small toys to famous art pieces.

From modern, stylish structures in the residential areas to the outside domes where nature awaits – the player will see jungles, wilderness with strange rock formations, and ancient ruins. The world of Opoona is a “fusion of modern design and fantasy”.

The player takes the role of the main character, Opoona. As the story advances, there are scenes in which the player takes the roles of Copoona or Poleena.Opoona

Opoona is a descendant of the Cosmo Guard, brave warriors who strive to maintain universal peace. His parents, who are highly acclaimed Cosmo Guards, took him to the planet Landroll, which looks similar to the Earth. But an accident befalls them. His siblings are Copoona and Poleena.

  • Copoona: Copoona is Opoona’s little brother. People such as Copoona who have Energy Bonbons as their base are said to posses a strong sacred force. He is still infant, but a selfpossessed type. He is also very gentle and always thinks much of Opoona and Poleena. Through his adventure on Landroll, he grows up to be a reliable Cosmo Guard.
  • Poleena: Opoona’s little sister. She is rather spoiled, but her characteristics are nice and cheerful. Like her mother, she has a special ability to shoot two Energy Bonbons at one time. She can communicate with plants, animals, and fairies.
  • Chaica: Chaica is a girl who lives in a residential dome on Landroll. She gets to know Opoona by chance. Contrary to her frail look, she is highly skilled for battles against Dark Rogues.
  • The Dark Rogues: These evil monsters emerged from a mysterious meteor several hundred years ago. There are over 150 species of Dark Rogues. These are just some of the Dark Rogues.

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