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Odin Sphere

Platform(s): PlayStation 2
Genre: RPG/Action
Publisher: Atlus
Developer: Vanillaware

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'Odin Sphere' (PS2) Gets New Features And Release Date

by Rainier on April 18, 2007 @ 1:37 p.m. PDT

Atlus U.S.A.'s Odin Sphere is a PS2 exclusive Action RPG developed by Vanillaware featuring beautiful hand-drawn artwork put into motion to tell an epic tale of power, loss, and love.

The nations of Erion had always held an uneasy peace, as the various kings and queens watched each other for any signs of weakness. When the country of Valentine is obliterated by the power of an ancient artifact, it sparks a bloody war between the fairies of Ringford and the warriors of Ragnanival. Little do they know that they are acting out an almost-forgotten prophecy: one that, if fulfilled, will lead to the destruction of the entire world. Take control of the warrior princess Gwendolyn, daughter of Odin, and follow the threads of an intricately woven story as you uncover the truth behind the prophecy – and how to bring it to an end.

Atlus has spared no expense on the localization. Odin Sphere offers players their choice of fully voiced dialogue: English or the original Japanese! Lose yourself in this intricately spun tale, performed by some of Japan’s top voice talent and brought to life by an impressive English voice cast! Sure to appeal to both casual and hardcore gamers, the game also offers a variety of difficulty levels. Featuring over 40 hours of gameplay, five playable characters and beautiful hand-drawn artwork, Odin Sphere is an epic tale of power, loss, and love that you won’t want to miss!

Odin Sphere Key Features:

  • Gorgeous hand-drawn artwork and animations!
  • Intense side-scrolling action with astonishing attacks and magic effects!
  • Fully-voiced dialogue that heightens the drama!
  • Fantastic bosses that tower over the protagonists!
  • Five playable characters in all; each one’s fate is intertwined with the others’!
  • A robust cooking and alchemy system that can be used to create powerful attack and recovery items!

Odin Sphere’s release date has een set, hot on the heels of the May 17th Japanese release date, it will ship in the US on May 22nd!

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