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Meridian4 Signs 'RIP3: The Last Hero'

by Rainier on April 23, 2007 @ 9:11 a.m. PDT

Meridian4 announced it has signed a North American publishing agreement with Elephant Games for its Action/Shooter RIP3: The Last Hero.

"We present another part of the RIP series - RIP3: The Last Hero which has lots of new features and changes. As before, we are really excited about having it published by Meridian4, and hope you will enjoy this game as well as the previous parts." said Elephant Games CEO, Pahmutov Andrey.

“We enjoyed playing RIP and RIP2 – Strike Back so much that it was just natural for us to publish RIP3. Also with all of the new features, new weapons, new characters and, of course; multiplayer, this third installment will have everyone hooked.” said Steve Milburn, Director at Meridian4.

The game combines the dynamics of a hardcore shooter while preserving the elusive classic arcade appeal and never lets up on the intense action. Every level presents a new challenge, requiring you to not only prove your sharp-shooting, but to think and act tactically.

The terrain and environments must be employed to survive waves of adversaries, but since all in-game objects are destructible, you must think fast. Your hero will travel all over the world from the African jungle to the Arctic snow, through secret labs and bunkers, in the streets and skyscrapers of Metropolis city and also go into deep space using a hijacked spaceship.

Features :

  • 100 levels of arcade shooting action
  • 6 unique playable characters with varied and powerful skills to develop
  • A huge arsenal of destructive weaponry, each with 2 shooting modes
  • Capture and control military vehicles, including Tanks, Helicopters and Battle Turrets
  • Fully destructible battlefield - all the objects can be damaged and destroyed
  • Includes a space adventure minigame, where you pilot the Vostok-23 starship
  • 12 Huge, challenging bosses evoke classic arcade gameplay
  • 3 difficulty level settings to increase the intensity
  • Special bonuses and secrets are scattered throughout the game
  • Cooperative multiplayer for two players to battle against the enemy hordes
  • Multiplayer death-match for up to 6 players over LAN

RIP3: The Last Hero will be available this quarter in retail and online for download.

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