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CellFactor: Revolution

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action
Release Date: May 8, 2007

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'CellFactor: Revolution' - 28 New Screens

by Rainier on April 28, 2007 @ 1:44 a.m. PDT

CellFactor is an FPS set in a warfare industrial atmosphere. As the plot develops, you'll gain access to other two main characters as well, each one with distinctive singularities in the game play. You'll count with a great amount of traditional and experimental weapons, and even your character will get more powerful as the game goes along.

Developed by Artificial Studios in conjunction with Immersion Games, CellFactor: Revolution is set in a futuristic, industrial war-torn atmosphere, and features three unique characters, two that possess mind-control combat abilities, at least five worlds with fully destructible architecture, playable as a single-player or network supported LAN game.

In the story campaign mode, players will take one of three unique characters, Black Ops, Bishop and Guardian, through industrial settings in the near future on Earth. After a series of cataclysmic events, the planet is now dominated by a superpower dedicated only to the advancement of technology -- no matter what the human cost. This technology forms the basis of a cybernetic-enhanced humanoid army, whose telekinetic powers are used to maintain relative order across the planet. A scattered human resistance fights for one last shred of freedom, tapping into psychic abilities in an attempt to conquer what appears to be an invincible enemy. The gamer can play as characters from both sides of this war.

Offering a new level of physical interaction in PC gaming, players can manipulate a massive amount of objects simultaneously, control vehicles and fight against AI-controlled opponents or challenge friends to a match in the networked gameplay modes. Playable via a LAN connection, up to eight gamers and eight CPU bots can populate the futuristic setting for massive combat action. In addition, the multiplayer modes -- death match, team death match, assault and combat -- are playable with one human and up to eight AI-controlled characters.

CellFactor: Revolution combines widespread environmental destruction, psychic combat and realistic cloth and fluid effects to produce a fun and innovative first-person shooter.

Key advancements from CellFactor: Combat Training to CellFactor: Revolution include:

  • Fully destructible architecture in five unique environments -- bust through walls, break down pillars, blow up bridges and more.
  • CellFactor: Revolution establishes a new standard of real-time multiplayer interactivity -- thousands of breakable objects become instant deadly arms. Four times the amount of interactive objects as
    CellFactor: Combat Training.
  • Powerful new Psychic abilities, including Psi Rift (hold many objects at once with both hands), Psi Crunch (implode whatever the character is holding), Psi Wave (part an ocean of objects in front of you), Dual- Wielding of any two weapons and more.
  • New vehicles, including a flying mechanized power-suit that creates an dynamic gameplay experience.
  • New weapons, including a physically realistic Grappling Hook, giving players more ways to destroy enemies and the environment around them.
  • Fresh gameplay modes include Assault and physics-oriented sports modes in addition to Deathmatch and Physical Capture the Flag.

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