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The Continuum

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Developer: Seven Lights

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'The Continuum' Beta Test Sign-ups

by Rainier on April 3, 2007 @ 3:37 p.m. PDT

The Continuum combines classic turn-based wargaming, collectibilty and RPG character development into one multi-player adventure that will change the way you game. Characters, abilities and equipment combine with in-game artifacts, epic battlefields, and changing scenarios to provide an experience that is at once familiar and all-new.

The Continuum introduces gamers to the Crossworld, a plane of reality formed when four others collapsed into each other during a Disruption in the space/time continuum. Landforms and creatures have come spilling in from other worlds, and the confused inhabitants of this new land find themselves caught up in battles for power, resources and protection. The cobbled-together world of the Crossworld contains ruins from the great Legion city, which finds itself near the inhabited forest of the shape-shifting Ursa, which in turn lies near the great mountains or ruined villages of the Vampires. No ones knows why they’re here, and as strange as the land has become, the other beings they meet are stranger still. Conflicts both global and personal arise out of this new existence and central to every character’s journey are questions. What caused these worlds to collide? Who is responsible for this Disruption? What else is coming? Comics, web fiction, animation and hidden narratives will answer these and other questions as players uncover the secrets of The Continuum.

Along with allowing players to register in advance for the open beta, The Continuum website will offer gamers a number of new features. The renovated site now includes new details on the upcoming game, a full screenshot gallery and articles about developments in The Continuum universe. New forum features include an open dialogue Q&A, where the developers and players will be able to query each other on various gaming issues. The forums will also include dedicated sections on the game’s story and game features, among other topics. The website also includes the Seven Lights Blog, entitled “En Route to the Crossworld,” where gamers get a candid insider’s look at the game development process, and the trials and tribulations associated with starting a game development company.

In The Continuum’s constantly changing land, players develop armies through battles, equipment discovery, and upgrades. Their characters and abilities are built through victory, trade, and purchase. The gameplay is built around The Continuum’s ever-expanding universe of dynamic digital characters from distinct game realities that do battle with each other in head-to-head online match-ups.

The Characters of The Continuum each have their own unique attributes and abilities, and range in rarity from common to rare to legendary to one-of-a-kind. The characters are constantly developing through The Continuum’s RPG game elements, as the game allows players to use experience points for alterations, such as increasing and adding new characteristics and abilities. In addition, unlike other RPGs, players’ developed characters retain their built-up RPG statistics from game to game and version to version.

Enter the Crossworld to build, battle and rule… The Continuum.

The game will launch in mid-2007.

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