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Battle of Britain 2: Wings of Victory

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Simulation
Publisher: GMX / Tri Synergy
Developer: Shockwave Productions

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'Battle of Britain 2: Wings of Victory' - v2.06 Update Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on May 11, 2007 @ 6:48 p.m. PDT

Battle of Britain II: Wings of Victory recreates the fierce and famous air battles southern England in 1940. The game delivers explosive fun for veteran and casual gamers alike, and occurs over a vast and living world below which will be forever known as one the world's most decisive moments in history. Battle of Britain II "Wings of Victory" allows the player to either act as the supreme commander of either side, or simply click "fly" and let your generals manage the war below.

Get the BoB 2: Wings of Victory v2.06 patch off WP (85mb)

Changes from v2.05 to 2.06

  • Built on the Merlin Air Combat Engine
  • Introducing "Individual Pilot" Artificial Intelligence
  • New Visual Effects Suite
  • Authentic Flight Modeling
  • New Customer Controls and Options
  • Terrain Improvements
  • Continued Stability
  • Multiskin 2.06

Changes from v2.04 to 2.05

What is new in BOB v2.05?
1. Multiskin
2. Advanced flight modeling with authentic spins and departed flight characteristics
3. Improved Stability and CTD reduction with stronger gameplay in both Instant Action and the Campaign
4. AI (Artificial Intelligence) Advancement / improvements, including tougher engagements, simulated fear, and spin recovery techniques based on skill
5. Faster loading times
6. Improved visual effects and sound
7. Blue Six's FM as the BoBII default (for the first time ever)
8. Fixes and general improvements

Detailed list of changes in BOB v2.05

1. Reduce Wind effect by 75% default (bdg.txt parameter Wind_Effects_Fraction= 0.25 if users want as is today set to 1.00 )
2. Delete Wind Gust (causes jumps/warps in AI's performance)
3. Exclude Ju87 from Gearup Call
4. Fix Ju87 Takeoff in Novice from Tangmere
5. Prevent CTD, in TargetClosureGreaterThan
6. Prevented Campaign from being used with Novice AI
7. Reduced the Number of Fighter blowups to less than 10%
8. Prevented CTD in RemoveFromSector when sector is NULL
9. I have added a Novice_Gunnery_Predictor feature (Bdg.txt control) You must padlock a target for the predictor to work. This is a rather cool feature to sharpen you deflection shooting practice and for newbies to learn and practice. A big red X is drawn where you need to shoot to hit the enemy AI. You can rotate through the enemy AI using the F1 key or your Wingmen AI using the F2 key. You will then see a big stick figure A/C that reflects the AI damage and a red line that reflects the AI ammo. The small stick A/C reflect the enemy AI ( below) the friendly AI (above). The red small stick A/C means damaged and the black small stick A/C means undamaged. Thanks to Retro for this.
10. Prevented crashes on the runway at air fields (the age old ObjectAdds renaming workaround problem)
11. MultiSkin Switch in the BDG.txt added (4 positions see bdg.txt) (Osram)
12. MultiSkin preload added for 250M video card (Osram)
13. MultiSkin preload added for 128M video card (Osram)
14. Added code to smooth the scissor maneuvre
15 Added BDG.txt Rain (off/on) switch for inclement weather at user request
16. Fix/prevented CTD in AssignFuelTruck()
17. Added Transition to the end of Disengage Maneuvre
18. Added the new Bdg.txt parameter DEATH_BREAKS_PADLOCK feature thanks to Retro who stated it some years ago. With a target padlocked and DEATH_BREAKS_PADLOCK=OFF you can watch your kill all the way to the ground and see the explosion. If DEATH_BREAKS_PADLOCK=ON the padlock will break shortly after you kill your target. The default for DEATH_BREAKS_PADLOCK is OFF.
19. Prevented a CTD in DecisionMessage (non-repeatable)
20. Added Bdg.txt parameters for "Spin" control of both the player's and AI's A/C
Player_Spin_AOA_Control = 17.500 (degrees default)
Player_Spin_Rotational_Velocity_Control = 14.325 (degrees/Sec. default)
AI_Spin_AOA_Control = 17.500 (degrees default)
AI_Spin_Rotational_Velocity_Control = 14.325 (degrees/Sec. default)
21. Fixed TrackIR ID 7001 (Thanks to Retro)
22. Fixed VE Center Position in Spit (thanks to Retro)
23. Fixed AssignFuelTruck CTD back in Auto_Land
24. Fixed CTD in NodeData caused by a bad pointer
25. Fixed 128MB Video card VRAM issue (Osram)
26. Fixed CTD when selecting Historic Kenley mission for low Alt Do17 then selecting Cabbage5
27. Suppress the Unresolved UIDS error in BFIELDS. Can not be any worse than now
28. Added Bdg.txt AI_Always_Sees_Enemy so the AI A/C will be seen (default=OFF) which can be used to assist the "engage" issues.
29. Added Bdg.tx Wingmen_Always_Sees_Enemy so the wingmen will always see the enemy AI when a R-3-1 (bandits) is issued (default=OFF)
30. Implemented a "attack my target" which is a last resort "engage" using the R-3-5 (Help) so that your wingmen will attack a fight of enemy AI's when you have first padlocked an enemy AI A/C.
31. Fixed the peel off maneuver so it will fly directly toward the enemy target after the peel off for a more timely engage.
32. Fixed Hurricane white nose with Multiskin
33. Moved Hurricane pilot forward
34. Added "version 2.05" to the opening UI screen
35. Adjusted LOD for HANGR2
36. Improved ground explosions with more dynamic shockwaves and fireballs
37. Improved bullet ground hit effects
38. Optimized burning trail effects for better framerates
39. Fixed all the disengage bugs so the wingmen AI A/C and enemy AI A/C stay engaged and fight until the "go Home" criteria is met (no Ammo, low fuel, or major damage that prevents a good fight, and skill). AI pilot skill will be used as a Go Home criteria using a random number process. The lower skill pilots will tend to "chicken out" and go home much sooner than the higher skilled pilots.
40. Fixed a personal threat smoothing issue where an AI has a hit or near miss on a target by adding a transition (old method had no transition so jumps could occur depending the state of the maneuver when the personal threat shot was taken).
41. Fix a CTD GetWeaponLauncher caused by a null pointer.
42. Added the "blrtp" (behave like Rowand Type Plane) feature as a step along the path to being able to add new A/C without having to change C++ code.
43. Fixed repeat CTD and the funny loading screen issue
44. Added a Bdg.txt parameter Longer_IA_Fights = ON/OFF which is used to select longer (time wise) Instant Action Fights or Shorter (Go Home Sooner) IA Fights. If the longer fights are selected the enemy AI will GoHome base on the GoHome criteria (fuel,ammo,damage, random skill level (poor pilots chicken out faster). If the shorter fights are selected the enemy will fight based on the A/C's fuel safety margin (which is about 10 minutes in combat). We truly love customer options... The default is Longer_IA_Fights = ON.
45. Added a Skill criteria based on pilot skill to the Go Home Criteria (a random process but in general the lower skill level will stop fighting and go home sooner
46. Fixed a CTD in SelectView
47. Added several new features for video makers. A special video / screenie making documentation should ship soon.
48. Sped up loading of missions (unless of course you load a lot more due to MultiSkin).
49. Added a Bdg.txt parameter Do_You_Want_AI_AC_To_Spin where the customer can select if he wants his AI A/C to spin according to his selected/specified spin parameters (see # 20) exactly like the player's A/C..
50. Fixed Buffet sound problem when Gear is down thanks to Scott's testing
51. Added 3 new Bdg.txt parameters to control AI pilot Spins
(1) Spin_AISkill_LessOrEqual_Regular = 200 #In Cseconds (100xSec),the Delay before AI Spin Recovery for Novice,Poor, and Regular)
(2) Spin_AISkill_Equal_Veteran = 150 #In Cseconds (100xSec),the Delay before AI Spin Recovery for Veteran)
(3)Spin_AISkill_GreaterOrEqual_Ace = 100 #In Cseconds (100xSec),the Delay before AI Spin Recovery for Ace and Hero)
52. Fix the Credits to not show version number.
53. Fixed the EXE to show version 2.05
54. Fixed the 2.05 AI pursuit/attack problem.
55. Fixed/Recoded the maneuver selection process for the RAF fighters attacking bombers so that the fighter maneuver more effectively and make fewer straight in attacks. The result was fewer RAF losses and the gunners have a tougher target to hit.
56. Fixed a bug where the multi-AI were targeting the player killing him off quickly
57. Reworked and tuned the Smoothing feature code and added testing variables to the bdg.txt
58. Osram identified and fixed a memory leak.
59. Scott implemented a new artificial horizon indicator (H key)
60. Tried to balance the ME109/ME110 AI shooting (was shooting cannons only) so that it equals the Spit/Hurr shooting (workaround fix).
61. Implemented a new choice for visual effects for the user - Realistic or Enhanced

* Terrain Improvements
1 Cures the flying cliffs on the Isle of Wight: Hurricane Hicken
2 Mapping the Pas de Calais region of France: Don E Brooke, Heini, Hurricane Hicken, PV. Especially PV!
3 The Cerne Abbas giant and Maiden castle in Dorset: Hurricane Hicken
4 Removes animals from all Fighter Command airfields: Hurricane Hicken
5 Harbour to Folkestone: PV
6 Removes flashes of sea in several places: HH
7 Raise FPS slightly and improve looks at Tangmere, Kenley and Biggin Hill: HH
8 Puts Stonehenge in it's proper place: HH, PV
9 Improved the North of England,with some of Derbyshire mapped: HH
10 Stop roads going over woods at several places near Kenley airfield: HH
11 Northern France. New SRTM height data added from Coquelles to just South of Boulogne: PV
12 Rebuilt Dover. Area around Dover was corrupted, so tile could not be worked on: PV
13 East Kent. New SRTM height data added: HH
14 Corrected RDF stations locations and changed CHL to be CHL stations, and CH to be CH stations: HH
15 Kenley Hangers rotated correctly: HH
16 Layout of CH stations modified to be more historic: HH
17 Objects added for Boulogne harbour: HH
18 Minor fix to cliffs near Brighton Pier:HH
19 Objects for Folkestone Harbour: HH
20 Isle of Sheppey (Eastchurch airfield). New SRTM height data added: HH
21 Isle of Sheppey. New objects added: HH
22 Lewis guns removed from Biggin Hill and Lympne airfields as they may cause problems: HH
23 Relocated Pembrey airfield, as it was on on a random hill! HH
24 New French objects and relaid out existing ones to match new French Terrain: Jeff 'Stickman' Stickley
25 Moved Colerne airfield: HH

Changes from v2.04

Bug Fixes

1. BF110 engine performance problem.
2. After burner speed up problem for Bombers.
3. Landing gear down problem, on Low Level Attack Mission.
4. Player engine sound stopping
5. Fixed CTD on Campaign photo
6. Fighter bailout changes to increase bailouts. Note: BOB_FIGHTERFIX=ON in BDG.txt
7. AI smoothing and fixing strange/odd maneuvers. Added transition maneuver to SimpleACM and ManualACM processes.
8. BF110 engine going out of sync when going to Manual-AutoPilot-Manual.
9. Strengthened mid-air collision between player and AI A/C so it is much more difficult for the player to fly back to base.
10. Death Warp/Speed up fixed.
11. After player bail out, players A/C now heads to the ground rather that looking like it was on autopilot.
12. Prevented AI A/C from doing vertical maneuvers when energy level is low and the AI A/C cannot do the maneuver properly.
13. Add an option based on a random number for a fighter/Ju87 to blowup when it has significant engine damage (by user request to have A/C blow up sometimes). Note: BOB_FIGHTERFIX=ON in Bdg.txt.
14. The Ju87 was added to the fighters and with significant engine damage they will either blowup, crash, or bailout. The bailout will only occur if the A/C canopy has not been damaged. If the canopy is damaged the A/C will crash and you hear a Texas death yell. Note: BOB_FIGHTERFIX=ON in BDG.txt.
15. Changed the RAF player’s A/C to display MPH on the info line by user request.
16. Deleted Rolling fire ball effect from A/C explosions.
17. Fixed the Novice JU87 takeoff problem (crashed or tipped over)
18. Fixed Novice Wheel Rolling problem (except tail wheel)
19. Converted to MPH from Knots for imperial units in Spit and Hurri gauge
20. Fixed Airspeed Cal for both Spit and Hurri
21. Boost Gauge in both Hurri and Spit to work more correctly
22. Fixed a second CTD when using Photo in Campaign
23. Add RenderD3D9.cpp CTD prevention code.
24. Fixed CTD in JimCol.cpp that occurred mostly in Replay
25. Fixed the 1-on-1 “Engage” problem
26. Fixed Fileman CTD (note may not be the last one)
27. Fixed “lost device” CTD (I called the rerun CTD)
28. Fixed the jittery and un-natural movements for both the DISENGAGE and the SCREWYOUGUYSIAMGOINGHOME SimpleACM maneuvers.
29. Blue Six developed changes for the ACM file to permit easier landing for the 109 (not sure if included or used change required)
30. For the BGG.txt paramenter SMOOTHEN_FRAMERATE_MODE, fixed the NONE vs LIMITED bug so they are different now (NONE is wide open FPS and LIMITED is a hard limit of about 32 FPS).
31. Fixed a buffet sound bug if you fail to get your gear up before you reach 140mph on take-off. You will then get the gear buffet noise as you should, but then once the gear is up the buffet sound does not go away. It should go way once the gear is fully retracted assuming it's still fully functional and not damaged.
32. Fixed the A/C sitting on the ground at a stop but having a pogo stick effect (small bounce up and down). The pogo effect could be seen if you reduce the gear bounce in the ACM file.

New Features :

(A New feature for our Kids/Novice users is Novice AI, Novice Bullets, Novice AI Speed control, and Novice larger targets that are used with Novice FM). These features are all individually selectable in the BDG.txt and should allow our kids/grandkids to better enjoy BobII at a Novice/Jr level.

(* means feature is user changeable via the bdg.txt)

New AI features
1. Novice_Stronger_Bullits. The bullets are about 20% stronger for those who want to get on with it (like when I test) and so our Kids/Novice users can shoot down the AI easier and have more fun until seasoned.*
2. Novice_AI_Airspeed_Fraction. This will control the AI speed as a fraction of 100% (like set to .75 for a 25% speed reduction). You can then slow down the AI for our Kids/Novice users to better enjoy BOBII until seasoned.*
3. Novice_Target_Size. This increase the AI target size for the Kids/Novice users so they can get easier kills.*
4. Novice_AI. This give the Kids/Novice user a less aggressive but hopefully challenging subset of the AI Maneuvres so our they can better enjoy BobII, it will be easier, and they can have more fun until seasoned.*
5. Collision_Avoidance. Added collision avoidance for player (only) to prevent most collisions with AI A/C. Very fast collisions (especially headon) may still occur as AI A/C may skid in making very quick maneuver and not get out of the way.*
6. Warp/Jump analysis/debug (Jump_Test_Tool_Percent_X)*
7. Maneuvre_Testing (Maneuvre_Testing). This will permit the coder to get data for debug analysis concerning AI and FM issues/problems.*
8. New aircraft explosions to simulate the occasional occurrence of an exploding fuel tank or detonating bombs
9. New damaged aircraft / engine behavior
..........a. Lighter engine damage. The bomber leaves formation and heads home. Keep hitting his engine to increase damage.
..........b. Heaver engine damage then. The crew bails, bomber blows up, or crashes (crew killed by smoke (equal chance here).


1.There are over 14 improvements in this category. I have not listed them here as they are surprise features for out BobII customers.


1. Cures the flying cliffs on the Isle of Wight (HH)
2. Mapping the Pas de Calais region of France (DB, Heini, HH, especially PV!)
3. The Cerne Abbas giant and Maiden castle in Dorset (HH)
4. Removes animals from all Fighter Command airfields (HH)
5. Harbour to Folkestone (PV)
6. Removes flashes of sea in several places (HH)
7. Raise FPS slightly and improve looks at Tangmere, Kenley and Biggin Hill (HH)
8. Puts Stonehenge in it's proper place (HH, PV)
9. Improved the North of England,with some of Derbyshire mapped (HH)
10. Stop roads going over woods at several places near Kenley airfield (HH)
11. Northern France. New SRTM height data added from Coquelles to just South of Boulogne (PV)
12. Rebuilt Dover. Area around Dover was corrupted, so tile could not be worked on (PV)
13. East Kent. New SRTM height data added (HH)
14. Corrected RDF stations locations and changed CHL to be CHL stations, and CH to be CH stations (HH)
15. Kenley Hangers rotated correctly (HH)
16. Layout of CH stations modified to be more histori (HH)
17. Objects added for Boulogne harbour (HH)
Artwork / Content credits: HH: Hurricane Hicken, PV: Pete Vincent, DB: Donn E Brooke


1. Engine more resistant to background application processes (ALT-TAB work)
2. New selectable weather, water, and sky*
3. Thanks to Ken, added new ACM file to improve the control of the slats
4. BF109_Slats_Open_Close_Sounds. It controls the simulated sound of the 109 slats opening and closing*

Known Bugs :

1. We have an importing issue that has plagued the Ju88. Certain surfaces are reversed.
2. 30-sec delay slowdown when SMOOTHEN=ON in the BDG.TXT
3. RAF gunsight
4. BDG.TXT defaults BDG_OUT_CACHING=OFF (should be ON by default)
5. Building LOD issues (if you spot a building that looks bad at a distance, go up to it, take a screenshot, and post it on the forums)[/url]

Changes from v2.02 to 2.03

Bug Fixes

  • The Win98 Alt-x error fixed (DDRAW error).
  • Ju 52 error completely fixed.
  • Memory leak fixed. This is at least one if not the major cause for people running out of main memory (error message ~ "Can not alloc 16MB")
  • "Next waypoint" crash workaround again :-/
  • Bug in runtime optimizers fixed that might have lead to crashes.
  • Udet Buoy mission fixed.
  • Reduced VRAM usage a bit, this should help 64MB card owners.
  • Robustness (technical: Init imagemapfile, delete [] instead of delete, MSVC 8 warnings, Wrong index range fixed)
  • Improved debug code (technical: for example Texture fn versus generic fn, Fix to a broken assert, Added assert, added version + build date to crashlog output to be able to differentiate "new" from "old" bugs)

Other Improvements for users:

  • Reactivated Rain. You need to have the worst weather setting to see it. (technical: In the bdg.txt, with RAIN_FACTOR you can in- or decrease the number of "rain threads". 32 is default, 0 is no rain.)
  • Minor performance optimizations.
  • Separate quality setting for WATER in OPTIONS (mostly for GeForce 4200-4800 users)
  • Contrails (Should appear at 16,500 ft and above).
  • Player aircraft bullet hit sounds improved.
  • "No Spinning Death" - not completely polished yet, but instead of the spinning death camera you get a red screen. You need to activate it via the bdg.txt variable "No_Spinning_Death" to ON. This new effect comes thanks to Buddye
  • Improved prop looks at low rpm.
  • Use the bdg.txt variable DRAW_MENU_ON_3D_SCREEN to disable the "radio menu". Nice for users using voice input.
  • FPS readout colour now same as infoline colour.
  • PERFORMANCE_TEST_MODE implemented.
  • Coords.txt now also contains pitch info.
  • Water shimmer reduced, thanks to Mauser at SimHQ

Modder Features:

  • You can now have 16 fresnel files depending on time of day and weather.
  • First version of Multiskin means Skinners can get acquainted and already create some of the data.
  • Shaders (one can use Shaders instead of textures). This is an extremely powerful technology, for example the Farcry people boast every pixel goes through a shader. However, it is the absolute, bleeding edge of technology for modders ;). Read technique from file. Use one the hardware supports.
  • When BoB is minimized, it now uses almost no (CPU etc) resources. Ignores keystrokes.
  • AutoTextureChange partly fixed. Works sometimes now :-/. Supports DDS. Looks for new textures when un-minimizing now.
  • DISABLE_ALL_2D_ELEMENTS in the bdg.txt is a nice feature for video makers / screenshot makers. Might also be of interest to pure users.

Changes from v2.01 to 2.02

  • Improved framerate (fps). The effect is most marked with weather low and on computers that suffer from low fps.
  • New bdg.txt variable INVERT_EXTERNAL_PAN - inverts pan direction in external view
  • New bdg.txt variable NO_FOV_RESET - disables resetting of FOV in when resetting the view (via ROTRESET/ROTRESET2/AROTRESET)
  • TrackIR 6dof z-axis overrides any analog axis setting.
  • Made stick POV hat user mappable
  • Ju88 engine texture fix.
  • In the OPTIONS screen, changed the name REFLECTIONS to MIRROR
  • Enhanced explosion and flak sounds.
  • More realistic Browning .303 sounds (increased rate of fire).

Changes from boxed version v2.00 to v2.01

Bug fixes:

  • Several bugs have been fixed that can lead to CTDs (Crashes To Desktop).
  • In-game / Windows resolution is automatically synchronized for increased stability with background applications running.
  • If TrackIR or Newview (et al) are detected but not enabled, the program will revert back to mouse/keyboard/POV view control.
  • Fix for vanishing replay-buttons.
  • Some lines, for example those of the Enemy Position Indicator, used wrong colour(s).
  • Correct handling of dummy anims (possibly caused a crash).
  • Do17 skin adjusted (main wing bottom).

Other Improvements:

  • SmoothenFrameRate changed to SmoothenFramerateMode and reworked. The default smoothens but does not limit fps.
  • New bdg.txt variable "NO_OUTSIDE_TRACKIR"
  • The bdg.txt variable OPTIMISE_OBJECTS_AT_RUNTIME changed to DISABLE_OPTIMISE_OBJECTS_AT_RUNTIME so that the old setting is ignored. The new default is to optimise.
  • In OPTIONS, "reflections" has been renamed to "mirror."
  • Optimised for framerate (mainly by going to a 32 bit FVF). Unfortunately the effect seems to be very small.
  • Reduced usage of video memory on 64 MB cards a bit.
  • Improved debug code/warnings in a lot of places.
  • Better lighting on individual trees.
  • Smoke trails further tuned.
  • Cannon smoke more subtle.
  • Engine sputter sound re-worked.
  • Throttle off warning sound reduced.
  • Brighton and Cathedral texture reduced in size.

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