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Numen: Contest of Heroes

Platform(s): PC
Genre: RPG/Action
Publisher: Akella
Developer: Cinemax

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'Numen: Contest of Heroes' - 3 New Screens

by Rainier on May 2, 2007 @ 10:29 a.m. PDT

Numen: Contest of Heroes is an action/RPG that will plunge the player deep into the amazing world of Greek mythology, the realm of almighty gods, brave heroes, fabulous creatures, and great deeds.

Numen is an action/RPG, deveoped by Akella company and Cinemax, providing the whole row of differences from competitive products that will amaze even the most captious player with wonderful graphics, absolutely new elements of gameplay, advanced battle system. Playing Numen you’ll become a Hero who has enduring body and strong will-power and who travels in world of Greek mythology, becomes stronger with every quest!

The action of game takes place in the marvelous world of antique Greece where mythical creatures, legendary warriors and ambitious Gods came alive. A lot of villages and countrysides that are spreaded at wide seasides and stony plains are full of hostile and peaceful inhabitants. Some of them have interesting and exciting quests for you! All your movements are being watched by immortal Olympians. Immortal but not impassive. They have an argue about who can be named the most powerful among them. And Gods have decided that each of them must train one human hero. Who’s hero would turn to be the strongest – will become a winner!

After you choose one of 3 classes, your character (magician, warrior, hunter) you should select your own God who becomes your patron. Divine tutor are different in bonuses, talents and capabilities which you can get from them. Game style, quests and secret locations are also various for each character. Your hero must conduct religious rites and learn rituals. Also you can find your rivals during the game at special arenas. Sometimes you can gather a group with other Heros to pass through difficult quests. Numen will give you an opportunity to fight against dangerous enemies like Cerberus, Medusa Gorgone, Haron, Cyclop, centaurs, Nubians…

You should have to arm oneself good enough to win! You can buy the best weapon at auctions.

Keep waiting for news from Olympus!

Key Features:

  • Numen is a third-person RPG that will plunge the player deep into the amazing world of Greek mythology, the realm of almighty gods, brave heroes, fabulous creatures and great deeds.
  • Featuring an engaging storyline, the game takes the player on a path from a weak, naive youth to a legendary hero who fights in the name of his or her chosen deity.
  • There is a devoted hero for each of the gods, but in the end, only one will prevail.
  • Variety of weapons and combo moves to use and master

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