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'No Horizons' Announced - Screens

by Rainier on May 21, 2007 @ 7:53 p.m. PDT

No Horizons is a new Massive Multiplayer Online Turn Based Strategy game. Based in an almost limitless setting, it contains a depth of choice, strategy and scope unrivalled in any current online game. Designed to accommodate tens of thousands of players per server, No Horizons creates an interactive strategy game unlike any other.

No Horizons extends existing ideas and notions of a strategy game and then takes it to a new dimension. No Horizons boasts immense scope in everything, from the level of control a player has over their culture, the size of the environment to the endless list of features the players have at their disposal. The game is about managing the success of a culture in an unknown environment. The players are in control of their culture and in order to achieve success they players will need to deal with the environment, the multitudes of other players and the underlying story.

The physical world of No Horizons is immense. It is so large that no player, or even a consortium of players, could ever hope to explore it all. Explore tropical jungles, teeming with life to trackless deserts of sand, crystal and heat. Settle on vast plains. Harvest forests and mountains for resources and use rivers and seas for trade, sustenance and exploration. Delve beneath the rock, build empires on the ocean floor or take to the skies on bizarre, floating islands.

No Horizons is about guiding your foundling Culture into a bright future. The Sphere in which it’s set is infinite for all practical purposes so the players are pitted against each other, the environment and other challenges. But the real challenge is finding a way to set your Culture up to endure all challenges and sort out its destiny.

‘No Horizons is on target for release in December (2007). Like any quality product, it will not be released until we are satisfied we have created what we set out achieve; the most realistic, flexible and fun turn based strategy that exists to date’ explained Ryan Boucher, fellow Co-director.

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