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Dead Reefs

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Adventure
Publisher: Dreamcatcher

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'Dead Reefs' - 7 New Screens

by Rainier on May 25, 2007 @ 9:51 a.m. PDT

Dead Reefs is a stunningly beautiful mystery adventure which takes place on an island off of England’s coast, set in the tumultuous 18th century. In the course of a murder investigation, Dead Reefs will take gamers through a world of intrigue and suspense!

The island of Dead Reefs was infamous for the wicked pirate inhabitants that would lure passing ships into the reefs, slaughtering their crews and looting their cargo as the ships would sink. One stormy evening, while on a fateful mission to a neighboring island, an ancient order of monks decided to set anchor on Dead Reefs to take refuge – only to fall victim to the vile pirates led by the corrupt island ruler, Baron DeSantra. After murdering the ship’s captain and searching his body, the Baron would discover an old relic far more evil than any of them could ever imagine!

Since that fateful night, a horrifying madness has been infecting the minds of the island residents, resulting in a murder every nine years. Believing that the massacre of the monks had cursed their island, the residents ended their pirating ways – but the deaths continued! Days before the anticipated 11th death was to occur, a descendant of the wicked Baron DeSantra mysteriously died. You are the ingenious investigator Amadeo Finvinero, and you have been sent by the King to discover the source of all the evil plaguing the island of Dead Reefs!

Features :

  • Atmospheric sound, music, and visual set in the 18th century will immerse gamers into story
  • Over 40 minutes of high-quality cut-scenes
  • Dynamically evolving events will keep the player entertained for hours
  • Player choices will affect the advancement and outcome of the game
  • Unique devices and contraptions used for traveling within the game
  • Characters have real-life personalities and unique mannerisms
  • More than 16 characters with which to interact, 1st-person 3D adventure with a murder mystery storyline

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