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'Art of War' (X360) Announced

by Rainier on May 30, 2007 @ 9:47 a.m. PDT

SUN Sports & Entertainment announced that it has completed the formation of MMA Games with partners Barking Lizards and Summit Advisory Partners to create Art of War, a cutting edge fighting game that focuses on and reinforces the Art of War fighting competition.

The game will be built using the latest techniques to deliver a compelling and innovative game mechanic specially designed for this type of fighting. In addition, the game will use likenesses of the current and future stars of the ring in new and fantastical ways, extending their capabilities beyond that of mere mortals."

Fisher added, "The fighting game market is a rich and diverse market that is dominated by a few key players. To maximize the license, BLT will consider all the things that make the current and past round of games successful, and integrate the features the market is clamoring for into 'Art of War.'" The game is expected to have a retail sales price of $44.95 with distribution internationally.

The most successful fighting games have traditionally veered away from the "simulation" model and focused more on the "fun" side of the game. "Art of War," will focus on capturing the essence of the license while maintaining a play experience that is fun and challenging. Keeping the game light hearted yet action packed will help make "Art of War" stand out against competitive products. Additionally the game will be created with more "fantasy" style elements to it, giving the character larger than life abilities.

The "Art of War" Xbox 360 game will be developed for Wild Hare Entertainment by Barking Lizards Technologies. Developing initially for the Xbox 360 will help speed up the development cycle and allow for the development of a superior game. Between the 360 and the PS3, the 360 has considerably larger market share and is a better choice for a single sku effort.

Robert Feeback, former Vice President of the Coca Cola Company and Principle of Summit Advisory Partners (the financial partners) stated, "We have conducted extensive research into this space and feel highly confident that the 'Art of War' Xbox Game could be a winner."

SUN CEO CJ Comu stated, "This is a great time to be investing in developing the 'Art of War' brand and getting set to launch into the billion dollar Video Game Market. We are delighted to have a working relationship with such strong partners as Barking Lizard Technologies and Summit Advisory Partners. We believe this will lead us into building a large library of products and new ongoing revenue sources."

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