Battle for Atlantis

Platform(s): PC, Xbox 360
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Russobit-M
Developer: GFI

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'Battle for Atlantis' - 16 New Screens

by Rainier on May 7, 2007 @ 12:53 p.m. PDT

Battle for Atlantis is an innovative RTS that takes place around the conflict between the ancient race of atlantis and present-day mankind. The gameplay is based on the combination of underwater, land battles and maximum full interaction of the game world.

The last war on the planet erupted when people found the ancient civilization of Atlantis which has been concealed at the ocean bottom for ages. Humans have underestimated the power of Atlanteans and thus the war takes place in the middle of ultimate elemental disasters – hurricanes and floods. The infrastructure of human civilization is almost totally destroyed, cities lie in ruins and the global interconnection between detached countries is broken. New cataclysms caused by the magic of Atlantis happen all the time. Inhabitants are in panic, diseases are raging and the number of refugees exceed all possible limits. The remains of regular troops are trying to stand up against the army of Atlanteans; this army consists of giant dinosaur-reptiles that have been tamed and fully controlled by bionic mages of Atlantis.

Battle for Atlantis does not conduct a revolution in traditional RTS gameplay, but bring new colors and extend it. The player will not have to get used to new rules; he constructs the base, produces units and fights against the enemy with their help as before. However, we have invented a brand new game world and the classic gameplay looks unusually different within it. All aspects of the game world, like water, buildings, units, resources and landscape obey physical laws. Terramorphing. Battle actions shift from the seabed to the dry land. Ultimate elemental forces. All this changes the classic gameplay in such a way that the player receives a brand new game experience.

The game is based on the graphics engine of the game Sparta: Ancient Wars, but has a new and very powerful water technology. For the first time in the history of RTS, a full physical model of world ocean will be created. The water has stopped being a “dead area” – a non-interactive flat mirror good only for ship sailing. Real waves and tsunamis, flood and destruction of the landscape by water, river flows and waterfalls, splendid underwater effects – all this gives an enormous scope of creation and makes the game world of Atlantean as real as never before.

Features :

  • A unique concept of the double-level game world.
  • Teramorphing
  • A full interaction and physical model of the environment, including resources.
  • Advanced water physics (including physical waves) and the physics of objects in water.
  • Global elemental forces that change the level appearance.
  • A non-trivial storyline.
  • Enormous monsters – pangolin riders of atlantes that destroy human buildings.
  • High-quality graphics and special effects, especially water effects.

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