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'UT XMP' - Public Release 3.5 Available NOW

by Rainier on May 7, 2007 @ 5:52 p.m. PDT

Unreal Tournament: Expanded Multiplayer is a class based multiplayer team game. UT XMP is a total conversion for UT2004, developed by Free Monkey Interactive, and is based upon Unreal II: Expanded Multiplayer, released in 2003 by the now-defunct Legend Entertainment. Public Beta 3.5 has now been released with tons of fixes and tweaks...

Get the UT2004 XMP Public Release 3.5 off WP (330mb)

Fixed bugs

19/04 Disconnecting player garbage collection
19/04 Fixed repeated death anim
19/04 Revive animation update
19/04 Misc. Spectator mode fixes
19/04 Manned turret base/swivel destuction update on network clients
19/04 Correction for weapon hand firing offset
19/04 Display deploy point location while in deploy selection
19/04 3pp Manned Turret muzzleflashes and fx
17/06 Reload and Sprint keys rebinding to default keys each level
17/06 Clientside rotation constraints for manned turrets with rotational offsets (Lightning turret, winged turrets)


19/04 Hack FX on useable actors (turret proxies)
19/04 Spawn pistol/sniper hit fx serverside
19/04 Increased harby wheel friction
19/04 Set bWaitingPlayer to false on deploy select for proper game start check when bPlayersMustBeReady=true
19/04 Pregame status messages on HUD
19/04 UT-style fast weapon switching (ie, no weapondown anim when in between shots)
19/04 Overtime: Set bTiebreak under XMP.XMPGame in UTXMP.ini. When time limit expires players who tap out cannot redeploy and must become spectators.
19/04 Grenade launcher and AR alt firing offset tweaks
19/04 Deployed Turrets stop attacking abandoned vehicles
19/04 Deployed Turrets target vehiclebase even if only vehicle turrets are occupied
19/04 Rocket Turret aim at Raptors
19/04 Rocket Turret aim correction
19/04 Spawn protection (set it the regular UT2004 way)
19/04 Deploy points now won't spin up until game start
19/04 Sniper Rifle tracer positioning
19/04 Raptor exit locations
13/06 C++ implementation of color-code parsing
13/06 C++ implementation of ForceWalls to lower network-load


Starting UTXMP

If you used the automatic installer, simply double-click the "UTXMP for UT2004" shortcut on your desktop or browse to UTXMP -> UTXMP for UT2004 on the Windows start menu.

If you used the manual multi-platform .zip archive, you will need to run UT2004 with the parameter -mod=UTXMP. To do this under Windows, simply create a shortcut to UT2004 on your desktop, right click on it and select "Properties", then select the "Shortcut" tab. simply add " -mod=UTXMP" at the end of whatever's in the "Target" box as shown in this screenshot. Remember to leave a space between "UT2004.exe" and "-mod=UTXMP"!

Of course, you can always launch UTXMP by selecting it under the "User Mods " section of the "Community" menu at the UT2004 main menu.


To join a multiplayer server and start playing immediately, simply start UTXMP and select "Join Game" at the main menu. From there, select "Internet" to join an online game or "LAN" to join a game on your local network. Simply double-click a server to join it.

If you want to host a server, simply select "Host Game" from the main menu, select a map and configure server options. Then press either "Listen" to start a listen server (play at the same time as hosting) or "Dedicated" to start a dedicated server (host a server without playing).

Single Player

Offline bot support is experimental in this version of UTXMP. We recommend playing online for the best gaming experience.

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