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'Audition' Has 100,000 People Shaking Their Booties

by Rainier on June 1, 2007 @ 11:34 a.m. PDT

Nexon America announced that its newest free-to-play, massively multiplayer online dance game, Audition, has hit 100,000 registered users in North America.

“We are very encouraged to see the North American market embracing Audition in such a short period of time, particularly among teenage girls,” says John H. Chi, chief executive officer and president of Nexon America. “Our development team will be adding more features and events to the game over the next year, like cool haircuts, trendy clothes, and game contests, which will continue to fuel the game’s growth and popularity.”

Audition provides an accessible, fun, and user-friendly virtual club for exciting dance-offs accompanied by today’s hottest music, including Hilary Duff’s smash hit “With Love.” In addition to testing rhythmic game play skills in head-to-head and team battle modes, players can socialize and customize avatars by selecting from over 1000 distinctive and stylish items from the in-game cash shop. This combination of stellar game play and first-class customization provides a gaming experience unlike any other.

Nexon games are free-to-download at and utilize an innovative cash shop system (microtransactions), which offers players the option to use real currency to pay for game enhancements. In Audition, players can purchase in-game apparel and accessories that enable them to create unique identities. These features are purely optional, and players can preview items prior to purchase in virtual dressing rooms.

As the pioneer of the microtransaction, or Item Selling business model, Nexon has sold millions of virtual items worldwide through Audition, MapleStory and other hit titles such as KartRider and BnB: Crazy Arcade. In 2005, Nexon Group reported $230 million in revenue, driven primarily from millions of microtransactions.

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