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Believe it Or Not, The First Energy Bar For Gamers

by Rainier on June 11, 2007 @ 1:50 p.m. PDT

Uncommon Loot lets you “Power Up” with the launch of the Headshot Bar. The first of its kind, Headshot bar uses Guarana to give gamers, paintballers, and young adults an energy boost like never before.

The Headshot Guarana Infused Energy bar (better known as “Headshot”), is the new and innovative energy bar from Uncommon Loot, Inc. Its unique chewy, chocolately, toffee flavor and its 100mg of Guarana make it a perfect pick-me-up for the generation that plays well into the night.

What Makes Headshot Different:

  • The guarana berry is a highly caffeinated berry native to the Amazonian rainforest. This natural caffeine is believed to be gentle on your system and less likely to produce headaches that are more common with other sources of caffeine.
  • The candy bar market has a lot of choices. Uncommon Loot is all about bringing something new and unique to the industry. Rice crisp was chosen because of its consistency, texture, and health benefits.
  • The bold toffee flavor is very evident as soon as you open the wrapper. Itwill keep you coming back for more.

Initial distribution of Headshot will be through PC and console gaming centers around the country. LanLizards Game Cafe President Jonathan Zook (Mishawaka, IN) says, "The combination of chocolate, toffee and chewy crisps makes this a deliciously irresistable snack, and the punch of caffeine makes it that much more desirable." The tournament and competition atmosphere of gaming centers truly make them the perfect locations to launch Headshot. We also plan to sponsor LAN parties and eSporting events.

The paintball /airsoft industry is trying very hard to get its own niche in the world and we plan on helping it. Their competitions are held on a worldwide stage. And our plan is to be there with them side by side. Currently there is nothing on the market other than beverages that have kept this market awake. Now Headshot and the flavors following it will be front and center to help bring more profit streams to night clubs, and to keep their customers awake through the night.

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