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Wednesday, June 20, 2007 Shipping Announcements

by Rainier on June 20, 2007 @ 4:18 a.m. PDT

Another day, another batch of games shipped to stores. Instead of giving them all their own posts, we grouped them, and so far there are announcements for:

Raw Danger (PS2)

Feeling the fear of surviving amidst intensifying mass destruction is the essence of Raw Danger. Players will work their way through the game’s interwoven storyline that follows the lives of several different citizens as they face their own trials to make it out alive. Using nothing more than their wits and the materials at hand, players must navigate this cataclysm, where miscalculation means instant death. Players will be challenged at every turn to reach new heights of resourcefulness to overcome obstacles, dodge crumbling facades and save lives as they escape the doomed city.

Every decision players make will affect the outcome of the game, and with several key characters there are a number of ways things can end. Utilize your characters special talents to delve deeper into the story and uncover the truth behind this catastrophe. Is this all just a natural disaster – or is there something more?

“Raw Danger is thrilling in a new way,” said Mark Johnson, Vice President of Production and Marketing at Agetec, Inc. “Nothing matches the creeping horror of rising flood waters or the exhilaration of jumping out of a building just as it implodes. The game delivers all this and more.”

Raw Danger, Rated Teen,, is available now on PS2 for $14.99.

SimCity DS (NDS)

SimCity DS brings all the excitement of building and managing your own city into the palm of your hands. From the highly intuitive city-building experience of using the stylus on the touch screen like a drawing board to exciting mini-games occurring every few minutes, the game is perfectly suited for gameplay on-the-go. For those players who are new to the franchise, the newly introduced advisor characters will guide them throughout the game, offering helpful tips on how to keep citizens happy or manage tax rates, while entertaining players along the way. The game is also open-ended enough for the hardcore fans of the franchise to test their creativity, freely building unique cities with the stylus.

“The game offers everything that consumer’s love about the SimCity franchise in the most light-hearted and easy to pick-up-and-play manner,” said Takahiro Murakami, Producer at Electronic Arts. “Our goal is to create a SimCity game on the Nintendo DS platform that offers quick gameplay, satisfies players on-the-go and is engaging enough to keep playing in bed all night… SimCity DS offers just that!”


  • Take charge of one of eight fictional cities or build your own, exactly the way you want. Varied townscapes, beautiful international landmarks and entertaining characters create a truly individual flavor for each location.
  • Enjoy city management made simple, with user-friendly designs and intuitive control. View your city in the top screen as it grows and develops, then get to
  • work with the Nintendo DS stylus and Touch Screen.
  • Even the most gifted Mayor needs a little guidance sometimes. Luckily your trusty Advisors are on hand to instruct and advise, as you learn the basics. No matter what events or problems unfold, you can count on them for tips and training throughout, all mixed with a little humor.
  • Choose from two gameplay styles to customize your SimCity™ DS experience. Select objective based gameplay to tackle tricky challenges, or opt for more open-ended fun, enjoying the everyday ups and downs of being a city boss.
  • ump to the rescue to protect your town from disaster. From blowing out fires with the microphone to fighting off monster attacks with the Nintendo DS stylus, it’s up to you to defend your citizens when calamity strikes. Can you be the hero of the hour?
  • Exclusive features take the fun even further with ingenious gameplay innovations. Use DS wireless communications to swap letters with fellow Mayors and unlock international landmarks, and sign your latest decree with a flourish using the Nintendo DS stylus.

SimCity DS on Nintendo DS is rated “E” (Everyone) by the ESRB and has an MSRP of $29.99.

Phylon (PC)

Phylon combines the fast-paced action of a traditional shooter with the persistence and depth of an MMO. Join players from around the world as part of the Bloblic Imperium, the Amphibian resistance, or the Terran colonists in their struggle for control of the planet Anura. Crush your enemies in instanced battle arenas, including Deathmatch and Domination. Advance in skill and unlock access to hundreds of unique items, including jet packs, energy shields, power-ups, and weapons.

Tracy Spaight, Rapid Reality's COO stated, "We are excited to release Phylon as it represents a lot of work from our team and from gamers who provided tremendous feedback during the beta testing phase. We hope that players will enjoy the game, in particular, the battle arenas." He also stated, "Through focused surveys and general feedback in our forums, we will continue to tap into the creativity of the gaming community to help shape the game and its future expansions."

The game is now available for purchase on the newly redesigned website.

Hollywood Mogul 3 (PC)

Written by a one-man game company over a four-year period, "Hollywood Mogul 3" puts you at the Head Of The Studio. Create movies from your own ideas or select from thirteen sources such as Novels, Screenplays, Comic Books, TV Shows and more. Bring 100 movies to the Silver Screen, and every movie has your name on it as you watch the opening credits.

In "Hollywood Mogul 3" each movie your studio releases has hundreds of options in story development, production, casting, marketing and release. You're in charge of every decision. You get the glory. You take the heat. This layered, intricate exploration of Hollywood will bring out your inner Creative Genius, Business Legend, or ruthless Hollywood Mogul.

Fans of the game have already created talent databases that include real-life movie stars and images, as well as dozens of other game files. All of these files are available to "Hollywood Mogul 3" players as free downloads, and all of them enhance the simulation experience for running your own Hollywood movie studio.

A sure bet for a summer blockbuster, "Hollywood Mogul 3" is only available on-line. Play free for eight days before purchasing a License I.D. for $29.99.

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